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One of the most fantastic things about San Diego Comic Con, and just about any other con in general, is the fact that there are super talented artists everywhere you look. That’s not even close to being an exaggeration. Thus, the latest artist spotlight is on Nei Ruffino.

Nei Ruffino is one of the premier colorists in the comic book world. She has done various ultra-popular covers for the “big names” in comics such as DC and Marvel. Her colors are absolutely stunning and certainly carry their unique tone, and they have the ability to evoke emotion within the line-art. Her talents are shown through in big publications, but she is also a frequent contributor to various Rothic Novels. She even creates her own illustrations as well.

Nei Double

If by chance her works catches your eye, you should certainly check out her Patreon. It’s pretty rare to get an in-depth look on exactly how some of your favorite pieces are created, but that’s exactly what she provides. On top of that, she gives you the actual sources files from various works so you can practice. In one of the tiers, she will even give you feedback on your illustration. One of the top colorists in the industry will give you feedback on your very own work; how cool is that? 

While Nei doesn’t have a booth at this year’s convention, she will be giving back in a big way at the con! She has teamed up with Hero Initiative for a very cool scavenger hunt. Simply put, donate to Hero Initiative, which is a not-for-profit that helps comic creators with financial needs, and you will get clues as to where Nei is. Check out the link for more information:

You can find Nei’s work at the following links below:






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