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SDCC 2016: Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle Confirmed for Injustice 2

Out of the Injustice 2 panel and Comic Con today, Netherrealm just announced the two new fighters joining the cast for Injustice 2 will be Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle. Wonder Woman was in the first Injustice, but she got a makeover for the sequel. As for Blue Beetle, it looks like it’ll the the third Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes.



Also, it looks as though characters will be getting alternate costumes that will change their abilities somewhat. For example, Supergirl will have a Power Girl costume. This method will pave the way for more cameos.

Wonder Woman’s announcement is a bit weird. Not that she shouldn’t be in it, but that she was teased. She’s as much of a staple of the DC Universe as Batman or Superman. Almost a given at this point. However Jaime Reyes being in the roster is super exciting to me. He’s one of my favorite DCU characters, and I’m happy to see his inclusion. Apparently he was one of the most requested characters for the first game, which makes his addition that much more clear.

Source: NeoGAF

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