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First Look: New Seasons of CW DC Universe

The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tommorow are coming back this fall. Over at San Diego Comic Con new trailers for all the shows returning in the CW DC Universe emerged and it looks like things will take an interesting turn.
First with The Flash. If you caught up with last season you know that Barry went back in time to undue some things which potentially can cause a paradox. Season 3 of The Flash is going to introduce us to the “Flashpoint” storyline which in comics were a big event. In this season we will see a more contained Flashpoint with different outcomes on how his story plays out. Check out the trailer below.

 Arrow comes back to us with including a few new characters most notably Artemis another female hero. Artemis will be played by none other then the girl(Madison McLaughlin) who stole Black Cannery outfit late last season. Here’s a first look at season 5 of Arrow.

 After the explosive season finale Legends of Tomorrow is returning exactly where it left off. If you like a more fun comic to TV translation Legends has you covered. The mysterious Rex Tyler Aka Hourman from the Justice Society of America makes his first appearance tying in future timelines to the most recent. Check out the season 2 trailer below.

Don’t forget to check out our weekly coverage on The Flash, Arrow, and Legend of Tommorow. Also we will be launching our very own Dual Pixels DC Universe Podcast discussing topics on your favorite DC shows and interviews.

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