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Lady Killer 2 #1

<slight spoilers for Lady Killer 1 and heavy spoilers for Lady Killer 2 #1 follow>

Josie Schuller ended her first dive into the graphic novel world in bloody fashion when she unceremoniously got rid of her previous employer. Now, she and her loving family moved to Cocoa Beach Florida where her murderous skills prove to be better than her ability to sell tupperware, once again.

Just a few pages in, Josie smashes one of the women with a hammer as she is on the pot, and takes care of another with a thunk and a thud. Only to, as one does, cut up their bodies to dispose of them. But it’s not all murder and fun for Josie; she still has to play the dutiful housewife in part 2 of the series.

LDKR21A few pages later, she is with her lovely, yet oblivious husband, Gene, and her mother-in-law, who got to see Josie’s other skills first-hand. The common thread throughout LK2 is certainly going to be what the mother-in-law does in the future since she knows all about Josie’s dirty laundry. But for now, she appears to be trying to figure out the best move to pull for someone that would literally kill her if she made the wrong one.

After a brief get together with Gene’s spectacularly creepy and loud-mouthed boss, Josie found her next target. Josie uses her charm to get a test drive with George (Gene’s boss), and she gives him a swift stab in the neck. The next scene, looking quite like a jab at Dexter, goes through her seven rules of going into business herself. But right at rule 7, she’s caught…

When naming my top 5 graphic novels, it’d be hard to say that Lady Killer 1 isn’t up there, and Lady Killer 2 looks to be carrying that torch. Nothing in the first issue was earth-shattering or mind-blowing, but it’s a solid start to a new story accompanied with some outstanding artwork. It’s really something that I absolutely loved about the first series. It didn’t bog itself down by its writing or artwork; the two just simply coexisted perfectly. And that’s exactly how Lady Killer 2 has begun. Each and every panel is dripping with detail, and it flanks the role-reversal story perfectly.

The colorful pages, the 60s vibes, the bloody violence, yep, this is certainly Lady Killer. Finely tuned dialogue presented within slick panels, there’s no reason not to like the introduction to Lady Killer 2 and be excited for what is to come.

Lady Killer is out now! Pick it up from your local comic book shop, various online retailers or from Dark Horse.

Editor's Rating

Overall 100%
Joelle Jones has this character, and setting, down to a T. The artwork perfectly complements the story and creates some bloody fun panels. Josie's future is uncertain at the end of Lady Killer 2 #1, but what's not uncertain is the momentum that Lady Killer 2 has carried from the previous series.
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