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If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to see Suicide Squad this weekend in theaters. In recent years, we have become accustomed to cheering on the bad guys and the anti heroes. Suicide Squad brings some of DC’s best villains together to do some good in the world. If you’ve never read a Suicide Squad comic before, you can easily jump right in with Suicide Squad Rebirth, in stores now.

DC Comics has been slowly releasing new stories for all of their greatest heroes, and anti-heroes in this case. Rebirth is essentially giving a starting point to comic book lovers new and old. So if you’re looking for some new reading material, hit up your local comic book show and pick up DC’s Rebirth issues.


<<Warning: Spoilers from Suicide Squad Rebirth below!>>

It looks like Rebirth is going to have some correlation with the Suicide Squad movie at least in terms of characters. In the Rebirth issue, Amanda Waller is speaking with The President. You have to love that Waller isn’t afraid of anyone. I’m not sure that anyone could intimidate her. While she may not really be one of the good guys like she claims, no one can deny that she’s badass. So Amanda Waller convinces The President that her Task Force X, her Suicide Squad, is doing enough good in the world to keep them in business. The President begrudgingly agrees when Waller shows him their new leader, Rick Flag.

Of course, Flag is a decorated soldier. He’s as moral as they come and will make a great leader. There’s only one problem. He’s locked up in Guantanamo Bay. Waller didn’t mention that to the President.

Flag is reluctant at first to become the Suicide Squad’s leader, but the choice of freedom was too promising for Flag. Meanwhile, the Squad is on a mission to extract a bomb that could create thousands of meta-humans. These people would be infused with super powers for 36 hours at a time. The bomb can also remove super powers from any current meta-humans. This could be used as a weapon against even the Justice League of America. So it’s up to the Suicide Squad to retrieve this bomb and get out alive.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
All of the Rebirth issues for DC have been a lot of set-up and not a lot of action. While this can be a little frustrating having to wait a few weeks for more, they certainly do a good job of giving you enough backstory for one issue while not hitting you over the head with origin story after origin story. Anyone can pick up these Rebirth issues and start anew in the comic book world, and so far, I would recommend trying out Suicide Squad. So for anyone who has tried this Rebirth comic, what did you think? What do you hope to see from Suicide Squad’s Rebirth storyline?
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