DC Comics Suicide Squad #1

DC Rebirth’s latest issue, Suicide Squad #1, began about exactly as you would expect. And for those who went to see Suicide Squad on the big screen, this issue will feel pretty familiar. Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, and his second in command, Katana, are rounding up their latest team of Task Force X. To no surprise their new team consists of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Boomerang, Killer Croc, and June Moon aka Enchantress.

Squad01Mild spoilers ahead for both Suicide Squad #1 and the Suicide Squad movie.

In the movie, Enchantress turned out to be the big bad, but so far, June Moon is still just part of the Suicide Squad. It is yet to be seen whether Enchantress will take over and fight against both Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad or not.

This issue of Suicide Squad didn’t give us a whole lot on their next mission. It seems that Russia has their hands on a cosmic item, but going in quietly is the only way to not declare an act of war. Of course somehow the fastest and quietest way into Russia is through space. Unfortunately, one of the passengers does not fare so well with space travel. Just before crash landing, June lets Enchantress out. Sadly, that’s the end of this issue aside from an interesting side story about Deadshot.

In my opinion, Deadshot was one character who easily stole the show in the Suicide Squad movie. It didn’t hurt having heavy hitter, Will Smith, portray the infamous assassin. The side story at the end is a sort of origin tale for Deadshot. I hope we get these for all of the characters of the Suicide Squad, since I enjoyed this short story more than Suicide Squad #1.

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Overall 80%
Although this issue didn’t give us a lot in terms of a story, I’m still excited for the run of Suicide Squad, Rebirth. I do hope we get short origin stories for all of the characters, since I really enjoyed the one on Deadshot. At this point, I hope that the cosmic item is something really interesting and can potentially tie into other Rebirth stories. And given the movie, I’m curious to see how they deal with Enchantress as either an enemy or an asset.
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