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screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-3-15-34-pmLady Killer creator, Joelle Jones, crafted the world in which a 50s-60s era “housewife” has a deadly secret. From a hit woman for hire, more or less, to her solo ventures, Josie’s world is full of murder, dark humor and tupperware parties. Setting the series in such a timeframe was certainly intentional, and clearly makes Josie one of the better (if not best) female characters in comics.

Lady Killer 2 #2 begins down the path that was started in the first issue and adds much more intrigue as the pages turn. As was shown in the last panels of the previous issue, Josie is “caught” as she is cleaning up her mess. It’s revealed early on in Issue #2 that it is none other than Irving, a peculiar older man that has killed alongside Josie previously.

It’s clear that he keeps tabs on Josie, since it would be hard to know where she was had he not. Although it appears that he just wants to be her “cleaner,” there could certainly be much more in play. Aside from Irving, a new character is tossed in the fold that will certainly complicate things going forward.

Joelle Jones has a knack for creating beautiful panels that pull you straight into the scene. Her style has a certain uniqueness that allows it to be easily identifiable amongst the crowd, but it’s her ability to wrap-up the stunning art with a strong, compelling story that makes the series so enjoyable.

Editor's Rating

Overall 100%
Lady Killer 2 #2 is everything you could ever want in a Lady Killer book. Josie transforms from killer to beach-mom, to a strikingly adorable, yet deadly flight attendant from page to page. The art is wonderful as always, and the story beats drum along rapidly. Josie’s ability to just ever so slightly hold everything together injects a sense of humanity to the character, which definitely adds to her charm. The chaos is certainly spiraling around Josie, and the only thing that we can say for certain is… there will be blood.
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