The Release of Xbox One S Put It Over The Top Of PS4

The current gen console wars have undoubtedly been in Sony’s favor after an extreme paradigm shift proceeding the PS3 / Xbox 360 console generation. Xbox One S, Microsoft’s superior Xbox One supporting 4K Blu-Ray & gaming won August sales according to NPD Group (marketing research firm that covers product sales such as gaming).

Head of Xbox games marketing, Aaron Greenberg was excited about the news:

Microsoft’s Mike Nichols who is head of marketing also had some words of enthusiasm:

“Thanks to our fans and their excitement for new Xbox One games and the recently launched Xbox One S — which is the only console available this holiday with built-in UHD 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, and HDR for video and gaming — Xbox One was the best-selling console in the U.S. in August, according to NPD Group. In addition, we continue to see strong engagement on Xbox Live — the fastest, most reliable gaming network — with total global gaming hours on Xbox One consoles increasing 42 percent year-over-year. We’ve also received an incredible response to Xbox Design Lab, which saw millions of visits to the site and hundreds of thousands of designs created by fans. We’re excited to launch Clubs and Looking for Group on Xbox Live broadly this holiday alongside some of our biggest titles for the year, including ReCore, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 4.”

According to a report Xbox One sold 274,800 consoles in August in comparison to PS4’s 160,000, a difference of over 110K. We wonder how long Microsoft will be riding the top charting wave; can PS4 comeback with the newly announced PS4 slim & PS4 Pro?

Time will tell…

Source: ThisGenGaming

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Anthony Distasio

Anthony Distasio