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The Blacklist is starting to unravel everything we thought we knew since James Spader brought Raymond Reddington into our lives. Elizabeth Keen begins to question her entire life with Red once her supposed father, Alexander Kirk, takes her to her childhood home.

Alexander Kirk is determined to keep his family together, but Liz won’t go willingly. She finds a way to crash their sea-plane back onto the water. Unfortunately, they are in the middle of the ocean. Although Liz doesn’t seem to care for Kirk, she won’t actually let him die. An unassuming boater happens upon their crash and brings them on board.

Liz is trying to get the man to call for help. She even asks if there is a gun on board. Although Kirk is hurt, he isn’t deaf. He heard where the man says the pistol is and shoots the boater. Kirk realizes that Liz doesn’t believe him at all. She only saved him because he knows where Agnes is. Liz tries to get Kirk to see that he’s doing exactly what Red did to him.

Meanwhile, Tom finds Red, Dembe, and Mr. Kaplan. Everyone seems to be okay after the brutal car crash, but Agnes is long gone. Mr. Kaplan saw the man who Kirk hired to take Agnes. He goes by the name Mato and is a finder, a tracker. Mr. Kaplan has a mutual friend that could help them locate Mato and in turn Agnes.

THE BLACKLIST -- "Mato #66" Episode 402 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen, Jack Topalian as Little Nikos -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

THE BLACKLIST — “Mato #66” Episode 402 — Pictured: (l-r) Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen, Jack Topalian as Little Nikos — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Mr. Kaplan tries to let Red allow her to do the talking with her friend, Nikos. Red gives her about 20 seconds before he jumps in with his threats. To everyone’s surprise, Red doesn’t interrogate Nikos. He lets Tom do the dirty work. Nikos is clearly heavily tortured before giving up his friend Mato. Mato arrives at Niko’s place but knows that something is up. He attempts to make a run for it before Mr. Kaplan intercepts him with the car.

Red got Mato to talk and says that Kirk was taking Liz to the Summer Palace. Red knows exactly what that place is and calls in help from the FBI task force. Liz and Kirk are just getting settled in at this Summer Palace when Liz starts to explore. She finds a child’s room. In this room, she sees a child’s drawing with the name Masha on it. Kirk tells her that this was her room, but Liz is confused. She remembers the fire at her childhood home and murdering her father. Kirk explains that these are just stories that Red planted in her head which created the false memories.

Liz doesn’t seem to believe either Red or Kirk, but she sees photographs of herself and her mother inside the room. When she looks in the yard, she remembers a moment between herself and her mother when she was just a child. Her mother hid a sort of time capsule for Liz to open when she was grown. Liz digs up the time capsule and finds everything that she remembered. Now Liz is more confused than ever.

THE BLACKLIST -- "Mato #66" Episode 402 -- Pictured: Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

THE BLACKLIST — “Mato #66” Episode 402 — Pictured: Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

But there’s no time for Liz to keep exploring or reminiscing because the FBI is here. They take Liz back, but Kirk got away. Liz seems thankful to see Ressler, but I’m not sure she wanted to leave the Summer Palace. Liz gets back to Tom, and they are happy to see one another. There’s still no sign of Agnes.

Mr. Kaplan has just been biding her time. She knows that Red won’t let her betrayal slide. She tells Tom that she’s tired of making things easier for everyone. She doesn’t want to make this easy on Red. Well Red decides that it’s time to say goodbye to Mr. Kaplan, once and for all. Red and Dembe take her to a very isolated acre of land that Red had acquired some time ago. It is completely unspoiled, at least until Red gets there.

Mr. Kaplan knows what’s going to happen but she still wants to get her final words out. She tells Red, “I dedicated my life to you. You entrusted me with everything you value… I have never failed you. What you see as a betrayal of trust was actual fulfillment of your wishes. To protect your interests. No more no less.” Red can’t look past what she did and tells her, “You presumed to decide what was best for me… I can’t trust you ever.” Then Red shoots her and leaves her for dead. But, we saw her hand move; is there any chance that she could be alive?

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
There were some surprises this week, but I’m still waiting for the big bombshell to drop. And now what is Kirk going to do, and where will he go? Will Liz ever really know about her childhood? And if Kirk is telling the truth, why is Red so set on giving Liz this horrible story? I do hope that we get more answers this season. What do you think so far of this season of The Blacklist?
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