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The Blacklist gave us a new adversary who isn’t so black and white. Gaia is a stealth eco terrorist. He thinks that people are destroying the Earth, so he takes matters into his own hands. He makes a point to create accidents, so people focus on the environmental issues as opposed to the actual terrorist committing these crimes. Reddington is also convinced that finding Gaia will help them find Alexander Kirk since his son and Kirk’s doctor are one and the same.

Gaia had a decorated military career, but then he was honorably discharged after being involved in a nuclear meltdown. He had radiation poisoning that he gave to his unborn child. Now, his child has to live with these scars. Gaia wants to recreate that nuclear meltdown and cause another Fukushima.

Gaia commandeers a helicopter and is ready to set his plan into motion. He calculated all of the odds. There isn’t enough time to shoot him down before he takes out Manhattan. Thankfully, Aram has an idea. He can stop the rotor on the helicopter forcing Gaia to come crashing down. Aram can’t take the thought of taking this mans life, so Cooper steps in and takes down the chopper. Aram apologizes, but Cooper tells him, “For what? You did your job, and then I did mine.” I’m glad that Cooper understood his dilemma.

Photo from the episode "Gaia"

Photo from the episode “Gaia”

Kirk reaches out to Liz to let her have a video link to baby Agnes. Liz tells him that she knows that he only wants their blood, a cure to his disease. He agrees that he does need the blood, but it isn’t what he wants. He wants Liz in his life, and he wants Red to be gone from hers forever. Liz realizes that if she just pretends to give Kirk what she wants, she can get Agnes back. She knows that if they try to trace the video link, Kirk will know immediately and take it away. Tom doesn’t agree with her reasoning, but he assures Liz that he won’t trace the video link.

Well, Tom can’t just sit back and do nothing, so he hires some old buddies to trace the video link. The crew traced the video link to a house, and they go right in. Liz was right; it was a trap. Inside the house, Tom only finds servers and cameras pointed straight at him. Kirk shuts off the feed, and Liz is furious. Tom did what he thought was best, but now, Liz has no link to her daughter. She also has no idea whether or not Kirk is using Agnes for her blood.

Photo from the episode "Gaia"

Photo from the episode “Gaia”

One of the most heartbreaking interactions this episode was between Samar and Aram. Samar has officially put in her transfer to get out of the task force. Aram congratulates her and apologizes for not being able to talk with her when she called. After the case is over, Samar tells Aram that he made the wrong choice by letting Gaia crash the helicopter. I’m not sure why she thought that was the wrong choice, but that’s a terrible thing to say to someone. Thankfully, Aram doesn’t let it go. He tells her that when he congratulated her, he was only being polite because he likes being a polite person. He also said he can’t wait for her to be transferred. Well if Samar wanted to push him away, she did a great job.

Mr. Kaplan is finding herself in a precarious situation. The man who found her is taking care of her in his cabin. She’s having trouble speaking, so she just nods to his questions. He is working to feed her and get her strength back. All seems well until she tries to get herself out of bed. She’s clearly getting stronger, but when she puts her foot down, she sees that her ankle is chained. This man clearly doesn’t have good motives for nursing her back to help. What’s his plan? Would Mr. Kaplan be any better off in a hospital where Red could find her?

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
Now that her video link is broken, Liz feels like she’s failing as a mother. She can’t protect her child. Kirk finds out from his doctor that he’s down to six months to live. Kirk has some woman with him who is advising him to use Agnes to cure him. Kirk doesn’t want to do that, but this woman clearly loves him and doesn’t care about what happens to Agnes. Hopefully Liz can get to Agnes in time. Red finally caught up with Kirk’s doctor and wants to go with him on his next house call to see Kirk. I’m sure Red will torture him until he agrees. Scenes from next week’s episode promise a DNA test of some sort. Will we finally find out who Liz’s father is? Can we at least confirm or deny if Kirk is her father? Find out next Thursday on an all new Blacklist.
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