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The Blacklist has finally confirmed a few things. First, we know that Kirk is Liz’s father, despite Red’s constant doubt. We also know that the FBI officially has a mole who is feeding information back to Kirk. This is how Kirk has been one step ahead this whole time. Of course, Red has a plan for catching another guy to help lure Kirk out into the open.

Red brings the next blacklister to the FBI, Rene Le Bron. Le Bron is a financier of terrorist states and criminal organizations. When the US Government freezes their assets, Le Bron offers sizeable loans. This helps them to continue to conduct their businesses. Then when their assets are unfrozen, he takes all of their money including interest. Red is actually jealous that he didn’t think of the idea first. Well not to worry Red; once you bring in Le Bron, I’m sure you’ll find a way to capitalize on his business.

Meanwhile, Liz is being completely hostile towards Red. She says that she will do her job, but she’s done cozying up to him. When the FBI goes to transfer Le Bron, he is killed by a sniper. Kirk’s men got to him first. Red was expecting this and says that it was “right on schedule.” Red then sends out invitations to the FBI task force to meet him in an undisclosed location.

Photo from the episode "The Thrushes"

Photo from the episode “The Thrushes”

Red brings them all to a location that can’t be intercepted by technology. He reveals that the FBI has been infiltrated by a team known as The Thrushes. They are master hackers and make sure that they never leave a trace after their jobs. All they care about is money and the challenge of the job. Samar uses one of her contacts to get information about a disaster that The Thrushes caused. She sees a familiar face on the victims page and realizes that someone survived.

Aram has been questioning why a beautiful woman like Elise would want to be with him. Samar assures him that he’s worth it, and he deserves happiness. Unfortunately, all of their doubts were not without merit. That familiar face that Samar saw… it was Elise. Aram is completely distraught knowing that he’s the one who caused the breach to the FBI network because he believed that Elise liked him. Aram figures out a plan to out-hack The Thrushes, but it means that he has to go undercover and pretend that he doesn’t know Elise is the enemy.

Aram is completely terrified, but Samar reminds him that she won’t let anything happen to him. While Samar is preparing him, Aram realizes that the dream date that Elise prepared was all Samar’s idea. Once again, Aram thought that Elise was too good to be true. But at least Samar is still here. Aram wasn’t the best at playing it cool, but he did infiltrate Elise’s computer and got her into custody without Kirk knowing that she was compromised.

Photo from the episode "The Thrushes"

Photo from the episode “The Thrushes”

Now, it’s just a matter of getting Kirk to meet Liz and getting Agnes back with her mother. Because of Liz and Red’s staged hostility, Kirk believes that Liz is through with Red so he reaches out. They plan a time and place to meet. Liz eventually calls Kirk to tell him that it’s a trap, and they set a new meet. Liz flip flopped so many times in this episode, I was actually confused who she was fooling. In the end she tricked Kirk. She got Agnes back, and the FBI has Kirk in custody.

We got to see a little more from Mr. Kaplan and the mysterious man who is caring for her. The man says that they have a problem. He doesn’t want anyone coming around looking for her. He thinks that either someone is going to come back and finish what they started, or if he lets her go, she’s going to tell someone about him. She tells him that she tried to kill herself. She claims the gun is still out there somewhere, so he goes out in search of it. He comes back with motion sensing cameras which captured Dembe, Red, and Mr. Kaplan coming into the woods but only Dembe and Red leaving. What is the man going to do now?

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
Liz finally has her daughter back, but she’s still confused about her father. Red tries to explain that just because he was her mother’s husband that doesn’t make him her father. Liz knows that Kirk can fill in a lot of missing pieces from her childhood. Samar and Aram are finally getting into a better place, so much so that Samar has rescinded her transfer. While trying to dupe Elise, Aram claimed to be in love with someone else. I’m guessing that wasn’t actually a lie. At the end of the day, Liz still lets Red see Agnes. I’m not sure that she will ever free herself from him.
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