The Coroner | The Blacklist “Dr. Adrian Shaw” Review

The Blacklist keeps up the mystery with “Dr. Adrian Shaw.” Alexander Kirk’s health is diminishing, and Liz is in quite the dilemma. Meanwhile, Raymond Reddington has been keeping up his manipulation of the FBI task force.

Red brings a new blacklister to Liz, but she doesn’t really want a new case right now. She finally has her daughter and Tom back, and they can be a family again. But, Red makes his case, and the task force goes after the Coroner. The Coroner helps people find new lives. He finds a way to keep the dead alive on paper long enough for a new person to assume their identity. Of course, these aren’t your Average Joes in witness protection. The people that he creates new lives for are criminals or in serious danger. Red thinks that Alexander Kirk will use the Coroner to disappear.

Once they get to the Coroner, Red steps in to ask for a name. The Coroner created a new identity for a woman by the name of Sonia Bloom. Bloom used to work on next gen genome research. She was trying to get the body to resequence its DNA in order to fight diseases. She now goes by Dr. Adrian Shaw and is running illegal human trials on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

Photo from the episode "Dr. Adrian Shaw"

Photo from the episode “Dr. Adrian Shaw”

Red warns Shaw in order to get her off of the ship before the FBI raids it. The FBI finds all of her victims in the trial, but there’s no sign of Shaw. Red lets her know that she’s in his debt, which is a complicated place to be. Red brings her to a brand new lab where I’m guessing he wants her to continue her work, but to what end?

With Kirk at the FBI black site, Liz is using the opportunity to talk with him. She’s still hesitant, but she desperately wants him to fill in the holes. Well that’s going to have to wait when Kirk collapses inside the box. He’s rushed to the hospital where the doctor informs them that if Kirk doesn’t have a blood relative willing to give stem cells, he likely won’t make it much longer. Liz isn’t sure what she wants to do. On one hand, she knows that Kirk isn’t a good man, but on the other hand, he could give her answers about her past.

She consults with Tom, who doesn’t want her to risk her life to save him. Liz doesn’t understand why Tom won’t be supportive, and Tom reveals about meeting his mother, Susan Hargrave. She could give him answers about his past, but he’s only worried about his future with Liz and Agnes. Liz understands, but she just doesn’t see it that way. Liz preps for surgery to donate some stem cells, while the lab runs tests on her compatibility.

Photo from the episode "Dr. Adrian Shaw"

Photo from the episode “Dr. Adrian Shaw”

Liz goes to see Kirk after finding out she’s not a match to help save his life. Kirk says that it’s not her fault. He even lets her know that he’s leaving his entire fortune to her, but Liz stops him. The lab tests revealed something that neither Liz nor Kirk realized. The test results confirmed what Red has been saying the whole time; Liz is not Kirk’s daughter. So once again, we are back to the mystery behind Liz’s birth father. Kirk looks genuinely surprised when Liz gives him the news. With Liz’s memories surfacing, did she truly grow up with Kirk? If Kirk isn’t her father who is? Could it possibly be Red?

The woman who is in love with Kirk is furious that he’s caught and in the hospital. She asks to speak with him as his attorney, and she lets Kirk know that an extraction plan is in place on his signal. After Kirk realizes that he’s not going to be getting stem cells from Liz, he signals for the extraction. Liz confronts Red about him knowing that Kirk is not her real father. Red urges Liz to get out of the hospital. He knows that Kirk has an extraction plan, and now that he has confirmation that Liz isn’t his daughter, she’s no longer safe. Well Kirk’s signal is accepted, and the extraction plan is underway. Now what?

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
The Blacklist has been stringing us along for seasons now, and we can’t seem to get any answers on Liz and her past. Next week’s fall finale teases to finally give us the answer of Liz’s father. Will we also figure out how Red is connected to her? If he’s not her father, then who is? And why is Red so attached to Liz? I hope we get to see more from Mr. Kaplan before the mid season break. And maybe we will finally get some answers. Tune in for the explosive fall finale of The Blacklist.
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