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The blade of Azrael has fallen into human hands and made them easily susceptible to murder in “Trip to Stabby Town.” Lucifer wrangles Maze, Amenadiel, and his mother in to try and help recover the blade before more damage is done. Linda agrees to see Lucifer again and wants to ask a million questions. Chloe and Lucifer had a nice moment at the end of the previous episode, but will it mean anything?

Now that Linda has agreed to see Lucifer again, she has so many questions. Lucifer is still trying to get actual therapy, but she wants to know more about Hell and demons. Lucifer wants to know what message Chloe was sending when she made him a sandwich, and they had a nice moment. Linda is way too distracted to help. Then, Lucifer gets called away to a crime scene where a woman was stabbed to death 19 times.

Chloe and the rest of the cops think this is a simple case of crime of passion. The 19 stab wounds is clearly overkill, but a bystander got a photo during the murder. Unfortunately, Lucifer recognizes the murder weapon. It’s the blade of Azrael that Lucifer conveniently buried along with Uriel’s body… in an unmarked grave… in the middle of the woods. That’s not suspicious at all. Having the blade fall into human hands is horrific. The blade calls to humans and demands to be used. It pushes people over the edge and can turn a petty argument into murder. Lucifer knows that he has to be one step ahead of the cops on this one, or the blade will continue with its torment.

LUCIFER: L-R: Aimee Garcia and Tom Ellis in the "Trip To Stabby Town" episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Nov. 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

LUCIFER: L-R: Aimee Garcia and Tom Ellis in the “Trip To Stabby Town” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Nov. 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

Lucifer enlists Ella to use her forensic expertise to figure out who stole the blade. Lucifer offers to do something for her if she does this favor for him. Even though Ella says that she doesn’t need anything from him, Lucifer insists that he return the favor. She whispers what she wants in his ear, and he is appalled. He begrudgingly agrees and takes Ella to Uriel’s grave. She recovers a map from downtown LA straight to the grave. And wouldn’t you know; the paper came from the law firm where Lucifer’s mother works.

When Lucifer confronts his mother, she says that she gave the map to a bunch of people. She claims that she thought Lucifer wanted if found, but clearly she’s just avoiding the blame in this. Charlotte finally admits that she gave the blade to the humans to get his father’s attention. She wants to talk to him about Uriel and mourn together as a family. Of course, she got nothing back from him, so she’s more frustrated than ever.

Ella figured out that their current murder case and Lucifer’s favor are connected and asks him to come clean. Lucifer explains that he can’t tell her. She realizes that he’s asking her to have faith. She hugs Lucifer and says that it isn’t faith unless it’s tested. Of course Chloe sees Lucifer and Ella hugging and is clearly jealous. She doesn’t like that Lucifer is spending so much time with Ella. Whether or not she wants to be with Lucifer, she still doesn’t like not knowing what’s going on with her partner.

LUCIFER: Lauren German in the "Trip To Stabby Town" episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Nov. 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Bettina Strauss/FOX

LUCIFER: Lauren German in the “Trip To Stabby Town” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Nov. 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Bettina Strauss/FOX

They finally catch up to the most recent murder, and the knife is still in the body. Lucifer is trying to figure out how to retrieve the knife when someone else took it. Lucifer finds Dan outside holding the blade. We know that Dan is not Lucifer’s biggest fan, so he turns the blade on Lucifer. He goes crazy accusing Lucifer of ruining his marriage, his job, and eating his snacks. He says that Lucifer ate his pudding, which is true but no reason to kill someone. Then, Dan managed to fight the blade. Lucifer is surprised by the strength Dan possesses. Lucifer takes the opportunity to get the blade out of Dan’s hands. Dan snaps out of it and doesn’t know what happened.

Maze is worried that Lucifer and Amenadiel are coddling their mother. She released the blade, and they didn’t really punish her. She’s getting away with too much as a human. Now that the blade is safe, it seems that Charlotte is on to plan B. She wants to go to Heaven with Lucifer and Amenadiel; she wants to go home. Amenadiel agrees, but Lucifer reminds them that neither Heaven nor Hell is his home. He has finally found a place where he’s felt any sense of respect. Los Angeles is his home now. Leave it to Charlotte to think that she found an opportunity; she wants to take Lucifer’s home away from him. Sure, that won’t upset your son at all.

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Overall 90%
We finally saw what Ella wanted; she took Lucifer to church. I actually wish we could have seen Lucifer during the service, but it was still a great episode. Linda is finally trying to help Lucifer again. Lucifer also managed to remind her that she slept with the devil. But thankfully, he brings her back asking her to treat him like any other screwed up patient. Lucifer is one of my favorite shows on television right now, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season shakes out.
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