Cold Shoulder | Scorpion “Ice Ca-Cabes” Review

Scorpion started off the new year with a bone chilling episode. Cabe’s life is in jeopardy when a seemingly simple mission in the desert put his life in danger. Walter is happy to have the team back to normal, while Paige is going to be holding a grudge for awhile.

Walter never knows when to just keep his mouth shut, and he continues to push Paige away. Paige is still upset that Walter drove Tim away, but Walter is happy to have his team back. He even tells Paige that everything is back to normal, and they are back to the original roster. Clearly Walter has no idea how difficult it is for Paige to have her boyfriend halfway across the world.

The team takes a simple case of analyzing a pipeline in the desert. We know when the Scorpion team is involved that something must go wrong. Something appears to be malfunctioning when a piece of copper snaps violently off of the pipeline and right into Cabe’s gut. Now the team has to work to save Cabe’s life before time runs out. Since they are in the middle of the desert, this won’t be an easy task. Help is too far away, so they come up with the world’s craziest solution. They need to stop Cabe’s heart by freezing his body, until they can warm him up again and restart his heart as the helicopter arrives to get him into real doctors’ hands.

Toby lets Cabe know that there is only about 5% chance of this whole scheme working, so everyone says a little something to Cabe to let them know how much he means to the team. Happy has actually been enjoying having Cabe as a temporary roommate, and she reminds him that they still have to finish a game of Stratego. Meanwhile, Walter tells Cabe that it has been a pleasure working with him. Huh?

The team splits up to gather supplies for Cabe. Paige takes this opportunity to drop some seriously tough love on Walter. She explains to him that saying it has been a pleasure working with Cabe was not the way to show a dying man how much you care for him. Paige says that every time Walter takes one step forward, he takes many steps back. She’s not sure if he can truly be helped and grow when it comes to showing his emotions. Could this tough love be just what Walter needs?

Thankfully, the team comes together and gets Cabe’s heart restarted. When Cabe comes to, he can only mutter, “Oh man. Heaven’s full of nerds.” You have to love his weird sense of humor. The helicopter comes to take Cabe away but won’t let anyone ride who isn’t family. Walter, after finally realizing that he almost lost Cabe, explains that Cabe is his father; he is family.

In the hospital, Cabe is recovering nicely. Walter tells Cabe that he understands that he should have chosen better words to explain what Cabe means to him. He says that they could find another Federal Agent to work with Team Scorpion, but they could never find another Cabe Gallo. Cabe says that he knows Walter cares, but Walter says that’s not all. He tells Cabe he loves him, and Cabe tells Walter he loves him too. It’s a really touching moment, and it proves that maybe Walter can get better at the emotional stuff.

Editor's Rating

Overall 95%
This episode was intense and heart wrenching. I’m glad that Cabe is going to be okay because Walter is right. Team Scorpion isn’t a team without Cabe. I love that he has a special friendship with Happy now. Cabe even gave her a pin to wear on her wedding day that was a keepsake from his mother. Happy is clearly very touched by the gift, and I hope we get to see their wedding come together soon. Walter tried to apologize to Paige saying that he doesn’t mean to take steps backwards. It’s going to take some time, but I’m sure she’ll warm up to him again. I think this show is getting more crazy, but they still suck me in. What has been your favorite moment this season?
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