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The Blacklist returned from their midseason break with “Lipet’s Seafood Company.” An Algerian terrorist is on the loose in the United States, and he’s about to get his hands on dangerous technology, technology that could build a nasty bomb. Before his right hand man, Farook, can get his hands on the technology, it is stolen.

The task force needs to find this technology and fast. But, it turns out that the joke’s on them. The people who have the technology are a group of Mossad agents. Samar tries to keep their involvement a secret because she knows that the US Government would be upset to know they performed a black op on US soil. Farook and his men identify Samar as one of the operatives who stole their chip, but she couldn’t have been involved, right?

A fake witness comes forward to lure Samar to his house. Farook takes Samar and interrogates her. Ressler goes to Levi, Samar’s Mossad buddy, and asks what is happening. Levi reveals that Samar was the one who planned the entire operation. It seems that Samar was playing both sides, Mossad and FBI, in this episode.

Photo from the episode "Lipet's Seafood Company"

Photo from the episode “Lipet’s Seafood Company”

When Farook wants to trade Samar for the chip, Levi is fully prepared to do so. Even though Farook and his men get hold of the chip thanks to a drone and agents who for some reason don’t shoot it down in time, Ressler catches up with him. Farook is no match for an angered Ressler. Ressler actually throws Farook in front of a moving car and lets that person run him over. It was completely brutal, and Ressler may have just ruined that person’s life, but such in life with this task force.

Elizabeth Keen has had a tough life, and Raymond Reddington only seems to complicate it. She’s been adjusting to life as a civilian consultant for the FBI, but Harold Cooper knows the toll it is taking on her. He confronts Red to make him realize the pain that he has caused and that he has ruined her career. Harold uses his connections to try and get Elizabeth reinstated, but there’s nothing he can do. Liz appreciates the efforts but is clearly disappointed.

Photo from the episode "Lipet's Seafood Company"

Photo from the episode “Lipet’s Seafood Company”

Meanwhile, Reddington steps in to make everything better, after he made them worse to begin with, of course. Reddington threatens the President-Elect’s staff until he gets a face to face with Senator Diaz himself. Reddington already has a blood deal with Diaz, so he manages to get the meet. Red threatens Diaz to pardon Liz. He caves and gives Liz a full Presidential pardon. Elizabeth Keen is an FBI agent once again, and it’s all because of Reddington.

Samar and Aram have had so many ups and downs. It has been clear since she arrived that Aram has had feelings for her. Their friendship has grown, and she finally understands that his feelings are more than as a friend. Just as she’s ready to test the waters, Aram backs down. With Samar keeping secrets, Aram realizes that he can never truly know who she is. He tells Samar that he could see himself falling in love with her, marrying her, and even starting a family. But, he can’t do that knowing that she’s a spy. He has no idea where her allegiance lies.

Samar seemed upset by the news, but I wasn’t sure that she would do anything about it. Her Mossad partner, Levi, clearly wanted to start a relationship with her. She confronts him and reveals something pretty big. She has waited forever to be able to be with Levi, but now, she knows she has moved on. She’s in love with someone else. Now, Samar needs to do something dramatic to show Aram how she feels and that he can trust her.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
The Blacklist came back with a bang, and I’m glad we got to see more from periphery characters like Aram and Samar. It’s easy to forget Samar’s allegiance to Mossad, and this episode tested everyone. With Elizabeth back in the FBI, how will that affect her family and her relationships? Will the ever moral Ressler be okay with this? With Tom and his mother spinning off for The Blacklist: Redemption, how will his character exit this show? Can he and Elizabeth be together? I hope they find a good way to spin off Redemption. What are your thoughts on the upcoming spinoff?
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