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The Blacklist brings us a new criminal, The Forecaster, but Raymond Reddington doesn’t seem to know anything about him. This may be a first. Elizabeth finds a strange diorama outside the door or her new apartment. The diorama depicts a gruesome death. A couple hours later, they realize that the diorama showed the death of a Federal Judge. The kicker: the diorama showed up at least an hour before the judge’s death.

Tom and Liz are settling in nicely to their new apartment. They are finally ready for a new beginning. Liz is an FBI agent again, and they can be a happy healthy family of three. Essentially, everything is looking up for them, which means it’s all going to come crashing down. Tom is willing to give up his former spy life for Liz and Agnes, and Liz knows just how difficult that is.

Photo from the episode "The Forecaster"

Photo from the episode “The Forecaster”

When Liz goes to Red about their latest case, he claims to not know this blacklister. Red is worried that a serial killer is taunting her and knows where she lives. Thankfully, it turns out that the Forecaster isn’t the one leaving the dioramas. A woman is leaving them because her daughter has these premonitions, and the dioramas are her way of recording them. The child, Maggie, has an undiagnosed condition that prevents her from talking, so Maggie uses the crafts to try and help.

The mother believes that Liz will understand being harshly judged and misunderstood. While Liz believes that Maggie knows something, Harold Cooper doesn’t believe in premonitions. He asks them to find a way to understand how she knows about these crimes. Aram realizes that Maggie wears a small hearing aid that could be picking up a signal from the killers’ communications.

Aram uses the signals to find the killers. As with most things, money was their motivator. The killers were using the crimes to influence the stock market. They always knew that one day they would need to leave everything and run, so they enact their final plan. Maggie knew their final mission, so Ressler was able to gun down the man who does the dirty work. In the end, the head honcho got away.  Is there any chance he will be back, or was the Forecaster a throw away blacklister?

Photo from the episode "The Forecaster"

Photo from the episode “The Forecaster”

Red wasn’t really involved in the case this time; he was actually pretty distracted with his own business matters. Red bought an old friend’s apartment. It turns out this friend was murdered in the world’s most white apartment, and Red could only exclaim about how impressed he was that there were no signs of his friend’s blood anywhere. Red contacts a man named Jeffrey who works for Iniko. Iniko is in the business of cobalt mining, and Red wants in. Of course, Red wants nothing to do with Iniko and is looking for a way around working with him.

In the end Red plays everyone. He tells Jeffrey that he wants to get rid of Iniko, and he tells Iniko that Jeffrey is going to betray him. Red has Iniko kill Jeffrey and then call in his cleaners. It turns out that Iniko is the one who had Red’s friend killed in that very apartment. Of course, Red has no plans of letting Iniko leave alive, so Red kills him as well. Red tells the cleaners that they work for him now, and they don’t seem phased one bit. Was this all a ploy for Red to hire a new cleaner after Mr. Kaplan?

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Overall 80%
While I enjoyed the blacklister this week, I think this episode was mostly a filler episode. I’m ready to see what happened with Mr. Kaplan. I sure hope her story isn’t done. Speaking of which, Dembe went to see Liz and Tom on his own. He warns Liz that he’s not sure that Red cares about anyone or anything in the world right now other than Liz or Agnes. He tells Liz that Raymond killed Mr. Kaplan. What will Liz do with this information? Can she ever truly trust Red? Tom is clearly getting frustrated being on the sidelines, so how is he going to end up on the spin off show, Redemption? Keep tuning in to see how these questions will be answered.
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