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The Scorpion team never gets the nice easy mission that they deserve, and this week was no different. They took a private job at a winery, and it seems that the private jobs are sometimes worse than their government jobs. In any case, Veronica is back in town, and not everyone is happy to see her.

Paige wants Veronica to leave. She’s upset that Veronica just disappeared for weeks without so much as a goodbye to her daughter and grandson. She claims to have been working on a business opportunity, but Paige isn’t buying it. Walter is trying a new tactic with the team now that Tim is gone and Paige is holding a grudge. He wants to let everyone be heard, and he’s using a conch shell to do so. Whoever holds the conch can share their feelings.

The winery provided transportation in the form of a nice limo, but Happy and Toby forgot something at home. While everyone else gets in the limo, they stay behind. For some reason, Walter thinks it’s a good idea to allow Veronica to come. Within minutes of being in the limo, they realize that something isn’t quite right. Everyone’s acting loopy, and Walter notices the sweet scent in the air. There’s knockout gas in the limo, and they never even had a chance.

When they wake up, they’re not sure that they are even in America anymore. They see Spanish signs everywhere and uncover counterfeit money in the room. Their captors come in and explain that they want Team Scorpion to make them half a billion in counterfeit US dollars. They say that they want to reclaim the glory of their country by using the same means that it was refused. Veronica steps up and convinces them to let her and Paige go to a different room to work with the chemicals needed.

Meanwhile, Happy and Toby are at the winery, but there’s no sign of the team. Since the winery is a no phone zone, they give up their cell phones. They are content to sip some wine and picture having their wedding at the winery. Soon, they realize that they are being followed by a strange man with a gun. They finally realize that the team is in danger. Happy and Toby end up engaging the bad guy in a car chase and steal a key fob from his pocket after he crashes his car.

Now the team needs to find a way out before giving in to their captors’ commands. Veronica gets word to Walter, Cabe, and Sly that there’s a way out. They work to get out, but they have to find a way back to get Veronica and Paige out. Veronica ends up pissing off her daughter, faking a heart attack, and swiping one of the bad guy’s key cards. Unfortunately, her plan doesn’t really work. On the other hand Walter, Sly, and Cabe get to civilization and realize that they are still in the good old US of A. The bad news is that they are failing to see the big picture of this kidnapping.

Happy and Toby find out that the key fob leads to a warehouse. It’s a federal waystation, where they store cash before taking it to the bank. Their captors didn’t want to spend the counterfeit money; they want to put the counterfeit money in with the real money. It would drastically devalue the dollar and cripple the US economy. For the second time that day, the team finds themselves locked in a room with gas pumping inside. To save them, Walter realizes that they have to blow up the room while they are inside. While everyone takes a minute to let that sink in and wonder if there isn’t another plan, Walter takes charge. He says that Scorpion is a dictatorship, and he’s going through with his plan no matter what. Maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say at the time, but at least his plan worked. I’m sure the team will have much to talk about to get back on track after that one.

Even if she isn’t the most likable character, I’m enjoying having Veronica around for the sole reason of learning more about Paige. Paige got out some of her frustrations with her mother while they were trapped, but she’s clearly harboring a lot of anger towards the way she had to grow up. Veronica thinks that she must have done something right as a parent since Paige can keep her cool in a bad situation. I’m not sure that’s how it works. One thing that Paige is done with is how she’s dealing with Walter. This case was the final straw. She has decided that she’s ready to throw Walter in the deep end. She’s prepared to let him swim or drown, but her methods are clearly not working.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
“Faux Money Maux Problems” was an interesting episode. The twists and turns kept coming which made things interesting. I think the only thing that I can be upset about is the limited involvement that Happy and Toby had. They didn’t really do much during the case, but they did get a little further with their wedding planning. Toby quit gambling, but he still owes his debts. He doesn’t really have a lot of money for their wedding, and he feels guilty. Happy understands since she spends a lot of her money on motorcycle parts. It seems they both have their issues. I do hope they can find somewhere nice for their wedding, even if it isn’t a winery.
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