Sinking Feeling | Scorpion “The Hole Truth” Review

The Scorpion team is without their trusty people whisperer, Paige, when they go check out an underground water leak. Paige helps her mom, Veronica, get her money, so she can pay off her debts and disappear forever. Meanwhile, Sly meets a voter from his district who thinks he’s a joke.

If you have been watching Scorpion for awhile, you know that Walter isn’t the best with people. His EQ, emotional quotient, is severely lacking, which means he has no idea how to be sensitive to anyone. WIthout Paige’s help, Walter is pretty much hopeless. He comes to the garage wielding a nice black eye. He got beat up by a yogurt vendor after fighting about his loyalty card. He wanted two punches for buying two yogurts, but the yogurt vendor only gives one punch per purchase. Logic stops dictating for Walter once he sets his mind on something. So already, Walter is off to a good start, complaining about everyone’s incompetency.

The team, minus Paige, heads to the site, where Walter continues to agitate the crew chief. The chief recently lost a member of his crew and is overly cautious with the rest of his men. Walter just keeps calling them mole rats. Team Scorpion is hired to find a water leak, but what they find is much worse. The pipe isn’t just leaking from one spot but a bunch of spots. This means that water has been getting out and weakening the soil; any disturbance will cause a massive sinkhole, which is exactly what happens.

The sinkhole threatens a silo full of toxic chemicals. If the chemicals get into the soil, it will be an environmental disaster. They can’t get the chemicals out of the silo before the sinkhole reaches it, so they look for a way to slow the sinkhole. Sly, Cabe, and one of the chief’s crew go to work on slowing the sinkhole. The man is part of Sly’s district, and Sly asks for his vote. The man laughs in his face and says he wouldn’t vote for Sly. It isn’t until they have to work together and use Sly’s brain to save Cabe that the man sees Sly for who he really is. Sly’s competition is taking off the gloves and releasing commercials that make Sly look silly. Sly needs to prove that he’s more than a nerd and fight back. This is politics after all.

Paige and Veronica are actually successful in stealing back Veronica’s money. They make fake badges to get onto the construction site and pull off a simple con. Paige actually had fun, even though she knows that her mother is about to leave them forever. Veronica doesn’t want Team Scorpion to be in danger, so she’s planning on leaving Los Angeles and her family forever. Paige is hoping there’s a better way. On their way back to the garage, Paige receives a distress text from Toby. She’s clearly needed after Walter was given another black eye from the crew chief.

The silo is about to fall into the sinkhole with one of the chief’s men inside. Walter has an idea, but he can’t get the Chief onboard while insulting his intelligence. Walter actually tells the chief that if he had Walter’s IQ, he would understand. Happy makes Walter get it together to apologize to the chief and get his help. They set up safety nets to catch the silo and get the chief’s man out safe. Unfortunately, the chemicals start spilling into the sinkhole. The team finds a way to harden the chemicals, so they won’t spread and cause an environmental disaster. This is when things get interesting.

The men that Veronica owe money to followed them to the sinkhole. Veronica attempts to warn Walter that his foot is caught in a hose, but she ends up falling into the sinkhole. The news reports of her death, but the men still come to see Paige. The man says that her mother’s debts are now her debts, but Paige won’t back down without a fight. She tells him that they can set up a payment plan, and he will have his money by 2094. Eventually the man leaves, and it looks like Paige won’t be hearing from them again.

Of course, Veronica is safe and sound. The team developed the plan to give her the life she deserves. She still has to lie low for awhile, but there’s at least hope that she can come back sometime. Paige is sad to see her mom go; she says that she always misses her. Before she goes, Veronica makes sure to tell Walter to keep working at it with Paige. She believes that someday they will make it work.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This episode of Scorpion was a tough one for everyone. Paige is clearly at the end of her rope with Walter. He doesn’t seem to be listening to her no matter what she does, so she wants to let him make his own decisions. Of course, that is clearly not helping matters. On the other hand, Walter should know better even without Paige whispering in his ear the whole time. Paige has given him the tools to be better with people; yet, he seems to be ignoring them. I’m not sure what’s in the future for them, but hopefully, he starts making some progress soon.
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