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The Scorpion team has a rough day, when Walter is the one handling their cases. Paige worked hard to set up a nice job with the Department of Energy, but Walter ruined it over semantics. He was upset with the head of the DOE when he offered to pay their fee of “one hundred and nine thousand dollars.” Walter knows that you are supposed to say “one hundred nine thousand” because what he said was actually one hundred dollars plus nine thousand dollars. And if your head is spinning yet, that’s exactly what the rest of the Scorpion team was feeling.

Fret not! Walter got them a new job. They are going treasure hunting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And Walter made sure to negotiate a good deal; they get 5% commission of the treasure, assuming they find it. Walter is officially in the deep end and in way over his head. But, it’s time for the team to go search for a sunken treasure. Walter and Paige take one boat, while Toby and Cabe go with the woman in charge of the mission in the second boat.

The teams are pretty bored while waiting for their data to mean something; when back at the garage, Happy notices that Walter and Paige aren’t actually getting any data readings. When Walter checks to see what could be interfering with their tech, he notices that something is wrong with the boat. Some valves weren’t tightened causing highly flammable gas to be leaking. Walter forces Paige to jump off the boat into the middle of the Pacific Ocean when he claims that the boat will explode. His calculations were right, but the boat took a few extra minutes to explode. Thankfully, they were clear of the damage. Unfortunately a rescue is at least two hours away.

Meanwhile, Toby and Cabe find the sunken treasure! They have to hold their position until the crew comes to collect the treasure. When they try to contact Walter and Paige, they get no response. Happy and Sly try to get in contact with the boat and still no response. Cabe and Toby breach their contract and steal the boat to rescue their friends.

Walter and Paige have been floating for too long and are already 20 miles outside of the scene of the explosion. Cabe and Toby reach the spot, but they are nowhere to be found. They manage to get themselves to a buoy owned by a Danish research team. Walter sends an SOS, which reaches Sly and Happy at the garage. But, the bad news never ends. The buoy is there to research sharks migratory patterns, and they smell fresh meat in the water. The sharks are ferociously circling the buoy working to knock Paige and Walter off.

While Walter and Paige are stuck in the middle of the ocean, Walter says that it’s all Paige’s fault for their situation. Of course, Paige wasn’t the one who got them this case, but she did essentially push Walter into the deep end. He just happens to be sinking fast. Walter says that she has been missing in action when he needs her. Paige lets Walter know that she was hoping that he could grow and remember the skills he taught her without having to hold her hand. Walter says that holding his hand is the reason that she’s on Scorpion. Wow, Walter; that was a little harsh.

When Toby and Cabe get in range, the engine dies. They are still 50 yards away, and the sharks have swarmed the buoy. Their only chance is to swim for it. Walter creates a distraction and swims toward their makeshift raft, while Paige easily swims to the boat. Walter is in open water and definitely is going to be dinner for the sharks when Happy and Sly save the day. They use their underwater monitor to safely bring Walter to the boat. Oh, and Toby helps a little bit, but I won’t spoil that one.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This episode was a good one and definitely pivotal for Walter and Paige. Walter realizes that he never had anyone who cares about his emotional development, and he understands that could mean tough love. He’s grateful to have Paige in his life. Paige decides that they can bury the past and let go of all of the tension; she wants to go back to just being friends. Sly had an unexpected visitor. He is still running for Alderman and is looking for an endorsement by a local paper. The interview is not going well, and Sly asks the poor teen girl to leave once things get rough with Walter and Paige. In the end, she saw through his abruptness and wrote a glowing endorsement. She said that Sly is the kind of person who cares more about people than worrying about how he looks in the press. All in a day for this Scorpion team.
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