Green Beans | Scorpion “Keep It in Check, Mate” Review

The Scorpion team works to save a Sardovian chess player from being persecuted in her own country. Meanwhile, Happy has to work through a personal situation involving her father, and Ralph has a dilemma that no one saw coming.

The CIA brings a new case to Scorpion, one that causes a lot of animosity on the team. I know; that doesn’t surprise anyone at this point. The CIA has informants from a country called Sardovia. These informants are Sarvodian citizens and will be persecuted should they be discovered by their government. An encrypted list of the informants names has made it to the Sardovian government, and it’s only a matter of time before they have all of the spies.

The CIA has asked the Scorpion team to help them get a message to one of their informants, Natalya Abelev, a world renowned chess player. She’s playing in a tournament that just so happens to have two wild card seats open. Now it’s up to Sly and Walter to put aside their egos and work together to get their message to Natalya. Why would they have to put aside their egos? Because Walter and Sly apparently have a pretty heated rivalry when it comes to chess, one that caused Sly to launch a rook into a post in the garage. The two easily nab the remaining wild card spots, and they are on their way to Sardonia.

Walter and Sly beat their opponents with ease, but they have no shot at playing against Natalya until the championship round. It comes down to Sly against Walter for a chance to play Natalya. They know that it will be easiest if one of them lets the other win; that way they can get to Natalya before the government decrypts her name. But, their egos get the best of them, and they keep playing. Walter tries to cheat by sneezing on the pieces, hoping that Sly’s obsessive germophobic nature will cause him to forfeit. Sly brought gloves in the event of this exact scenario and ends up beating Walter.

Unfortunately, Sly gets so excited that he bangs on the table, knocking the pieces off the board before his win could be verified. Both players are disqualified and won’t get to face Natalya in the championship. Thankfully, they come up with a plan to get the code words to Natalya in time to get her safely out of the country. I think everyone will be happy to get home after this case.

We finally got to see a new side of Happy, even though this isn’t how we wanted to see it. Happy is glad that Cabe found her father some work, but that’s not why Cabe called him into the garage. It turns out that one of Patrick Quinn’s old buddies has been arrested, and they want him to testify. If Patrick testifies against his old acquaintance, he will get a lenient sentence for his involvement in grand theft auto. With his cooperation, Cabe was able to get his sentence to two years in prison. They will put him in protection, so he’ll be safe. Happy is furious that Cabe would do this to her and her father.

While the rest of the screw is in Sardonia trying to keep the CIA informant safe, Happy works on a plan to help her father escape prison. She tells him the entire plan, but Patrick doesn’t want to do this. Happy tells her father that she needs him to walk her down the aisle. Patrick is clearly upset, but what can he do? Happy hacked into the prison’s security system and watches her dad being processed. She opens the lock on the door for her dad to escape, but he doesn’t take it. He just looks at the camera and tells her he loves her. Happy breaks down, and Cabe comes to comfort her. Happy realizes that it’s not Cabe’s fault after all. Cabe feels bad that even though he pulled every favor he could, he couldn’t keep her father out of prison. Toby reminds him that even though Happy no longer has her father, she always has Cabe. Cabe will always have their backs. I hope we get to see Cabe walking Happy down the aisle.

Ralph has the sweetest dilemma this week. He has been asked to the Valentine’s Dance by two different girls, and he doesn’t know what to do. He asks for help from Sly, Toby, and Walter. Of course, they may be the worst people to ask for this type of advice, but Ralph doesn’t want to ask his mother for advice. This makes Paige feel completely useless. Her role is to deal with the feelings, and yet, her own son doesn’t even come to her for advice. In the end, Walter, Toby, and Sly finally give Ralph good advice. They let him know that he needs to make his mom know how much he loves her, so Ralph asks Paige if she can teach him to dance. It looks like the team is learning after all.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
It’s amazing to me that these geniuses can have such terrible EQs; yet, they can always let their egos get the best of them. Walter and Sly actually screwed up the mission because they couldn’t decide who was allowed to win. We all know by now that Walter has to be the best at everything, so there’s no way that he would concede. Maybe that should be the next goal for Paige to break through. I’m sure Happy will be having a rough few weeks, but hopefully, we can look forward to a Scorpion wedding in the near future.
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