Evil Rip | Legends of Tomorrow “Turncoat” Review

The latest Legends of Tomorrow episode deals with saving George Washington on Christmas in 1776. I’m not entirely sure why the Christmas episode was so late, over a month and a half, but it still provided for an interesting, if not “by the numbers” episode.

It would be easy to assume that the George Washington angle is what would steal the episode, but it was more so the budding relationship with an exact opposite character, Mick. The two of them strangely hit it off once George Washington realized that he could only free himself of his captors by doing it the “new” American way, that is fighting until their last breath. The juxtaposition between the two was hilarious, but I had hoped that we would get a bit more from George Washington. It was nice seeing a statue of Mick in the future though.

Rip Hunter has turned from the saving grace for the Waverider crew, and the future if you want to take it that far, but now he has switched sides as the title suggests (Turncoat) and is hellbent on getting the other piece of the Spear of Destiny which resides on the Waverider. I kind of like the drastic changes in which Rip goes through as the season wears on. From normal Rip last season to hippy Rip earlier this season we now have super villain Rip. I wasn’t sure that it would work for this character but it definitely has. This episode featured a different side of Rip we’ve yet to see, but it also provided a stronger, more fleshed out Jefferson.

Jefferson has been an interesting character to watch develop as the seasons have gone by. He started out as such a low level character, and has increasingly become one of the most crucial characters to the team. Jefferson has proven that he isn’t just the other half of Firestorm; he actually is an integral part of the team. The scene where he is fighting off Rip shows his resolve as he doesn’t give into Rip when he attempts to convince Jefferson that he could bring back his father with the Spear of Destiny.

Amaya and Nate’s relationship is still going places; although, that whole ordeal just gets weirder by the minute. There was a scene where Amaya saved Nate from a glacial river and they uhm… decided to do the ol’ body warmth method to… reinvigorate him. Of course, this then lead to them sleeping together when Mick and George Washington could have been killed, drastically altering the timeline.

Editor's Rating

Overall 80%
The George Washington aspect of this episode was a little lackluster, but Mick’s budding friendship with Washington is what saved the episode. Seeing Mick chum it up with someone of his polar opposite always provides for a fun episode. Rip turning heel and becoming a super villain was also a nice change of pace. The episode was relatively even overall; although, it was a tad easy to see what was coming. Other than that, it was another pretty decent episode from Legends of Tomorrow.
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