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Team Scorpion has to travel to Greenland for this week’s case. They are headed to the World Seed Vault which protects crop diversities against catastrophes. It ensures the world has backup seeds in case disease, parasites, or climate change destroys agricultural output. When they get there, the power is out. After starting up the power again, the air is filled with a strange seed dust. The dust is actually a fungus which causes powerful hallucinations that show your greatest fear. The clock is ticking for our Scorpion team, and it’s up to Paige and Walter to keep everyone on track.

Everyone is having a different hallucination, and their fears actually say a lot about their characters and how far they have come since day one with Team Scorpion. Sylvester has a very irrational fear of chickens. This stems from his childhood days when bullies picked on him, most notably a boy named Bucky. To talk Sly down from his hallucination, Paige uses some tough love. Sly thinks that Bucky locked him in this room with a bunch of chickens, and he’s just there laughing at him. Paige says that she doesn’t believe all of the brave things that Sly has done with the Scorpion team. This starts to shake Sly loose, and he realizes that he has become really brave in the years with Scorpion.

Cabe is afraid of his 15 year age difference with Allie. He’s afraid to show his age in front of her because he doesn’t think she’ll accept him for being older. Walter realizes that the root of his fear is a fear of weakness. Cabe is worried that getting older makes him weak, and he’s always been the strong soldier. It’s a good thing that Allie has never had an issue with their age difference.

Happy easily had the saddest fear. She started to relive all of the times where she was passed over for adoption. She remembers being handed a “normal toy,” aka a barbie doll, rather than a wrench. When the woman at the orphanage in Happy’s dream tells her that there is one more chance to get adopted, Dr. Tobias Curtis walks into the room. He says that he’s not sure that she is the right fit. He thinks that he regrets the decision, and he doesn’t want her. The real Toby is listening and realizes that Happy’s biggest fear is that he will reject her as well. In her hallucination, Happy is devastated; she says that she’s perfect for him.

Toby works to talk her down. He tells her that whoever doesn’t want her in their lives are only making bad decisions. In her state, she sees an 8 year old Toby who is asking her to marry him. He reminds Happy that she has nothing to be scared of, ever. He finally breaks through to her, and she’s able to fix the generator. Sly and Cabe do their part, but they all pass out from exposure to the fungus. Paige and Walter have to work fast to get them out of their comas before it’s too late.  

The final person to have a hallucination was Paige. She inhaled a very small amount of the fungus, just enough to have some effects. She sees Walter with a very attractive woman. The woman kisses Walter, and Paige is not entirely sure what she’s feeling. Later, Paige realizes that the fungus was supposed to show her greatest fear. She’s always had feelings for Walter, but his immaturity prevented them from pursuing a relationship. Now, it seems that she’s seeing growth in Walter that may want her to try again at a relationship.

Finally, we got to see Sly really push for his spot as an Alderman. He got to have a debate against his opponent. When his opponent brought up that his sole platform is saving his comic book shop, Sly has the best answer. He explains that the comic book store was his haven. It was what gave him the strength to face another day as a bullied child. He hopes that the shop can give others kids refuge for that time when they don’t yet know how brave they are. He got a standing ovation, and I think this is the first time Sly thinks he can actually win this thing.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This was another strong outing for Scorpion. All of the characters have grown so much in these three seasons, and I’m glad to see them all moving forward. Happy and Toby are allowing themselves to love and be together. Walter is following Paige’s advice and trying to see things from other people’s perspectives. Cabe is enjoying his newfound relationship with Allie. Now I’m just ready for a Scorpion wedding.
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