Microsoft Launches Xbox Game Pass This Spring

Microsoft continues to push alternative methods of pushing their platform since they are being thoroughly outpaced by their competition in terms of exclusive titles. It’s no secret that Sony has been nailing this early part of the year. With highly critically acclaimed (by players and the media) titles such as Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn and Nier: Automata, they have a diversified lineup to kickoff 2017; whereas Microsoft has nothing to standout amongst the competition. Game Pass is looking to grab that market back, especially for those gamers that believed Sony’s earlier streaming idea (PS Now) was the answer to the “Netflix” of gaming.

PS Now was touted as a big evolution in having the ability to stream hundreds of titles, but what looked to start with a bang, provided a mere sputter and lag. Microsoft’s Game Pass feels more in the vein of an expanded PS+ since games will cycle in and out, and you can download the titles, eliminating server lag. With a $9.99/month price tag, it does seem like a lucrative deal for both players and Microsoft alike. Get the details below:

  • Price: $9.99
  • Release: Later this Spring
  • Early titles: Halo 5: Guardians, Payday 2, NBA 2K16 and SoulCalibur II.
  • Confirmed Publishers: 2K, 505 Games, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Capcom, Codemasters, Deep Silver, Focus Home Interactive, SEGA, SNK CORPORATION, THQ Nordic GmbH, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft Studios
  • Details: 
    • Ability to download games you’ve tried at a discounted price (Undetermined discount at this time)
    • Games will cycle in and out monthly
    • Xbox 360 backwards-compatible games included

More info here:

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