Never Give Up | Scorpion “Don’t Burst My Bubble” Review

Happy stumbles upon Scorpion’s next case when she loses communication with a fellow mechanic. Happy and her friend have been chatting online to rebuild an engine together. Toby is concerned that Happy is being catfished, but she’s willing to fight for her friend.

When Happy hasn’t heard all night from her mechanic friend, she hacks the website to get the girl’s contact information. When she arrives at her house, a storm has caused debris to fall onto their roof. The real danger, however, is inside the house. The girl with whom Happy has been communicating is trapped inside a bubble in the house. The girl, Ada, has an autoimmune disease. She can’t be exposed to even the tiniest microbe without dying.

They end up doing a giant Jenga game with the pieces of debris, but it’s taking too long. Ada doesn’t have enough time before the debris tears her bubble open. The team has to get her to a different location, and fast. They work to get her into a sterile suit, but it isn’t good enough. She starts to have an allergic reaction, which they have to counteract immediately. This involves submerging Ada in a tub of honey, then closing her in a meat locker while they light it on fire to sterilize it. In the end, they saved her life, but Happy still feels terrible that Ada has to remain in a bubble.

Ada needs a bone marrow transplant to have any chance of living a normal life again. Happy wishes that she could do more for Ada, but Ada knows that she saved her life. Ada is just glad to have been able to hug her dad and feel the sun on her skin again. Happy is glad to have found a friend. She realizes the irony in finding the one friend she can’t invite to her wedding. But, at least she is branching out, outside of Scorpion. Walter even put together a way to help Ada find a bone marrow match. I’d love to see them follow up with her down the line and pray that she gets a strong match and can leave her bubble.

Walter has been doing well working on his relationships with others. He has been listening to others’ needs, and surprisingly, he hasn’t caused any major fights lately. Toby found out that Walter has been using the magazine, Cosmopolitan, for advice on making friends. They may make fun of him for it, but it seems to be working. Paige has a rough time when Tim accepts an eight month contract extension in Jordan. In the end, they decide that being together isn’t really working for them anymore. I’m sad to see Tim is officially out of the picture, but maybe, Walter and Paige will finally give it a go.

Cabe and Sly also had some heartbreak this week. Despite being the clear favorite, Sly lost the Alderman election. His opponent played some sneaky tactics, which could have cost Sly the election. Thankfully, Sly found a way to save the comic book shop, so at least he won the battle, if not the war. He got the comic book shop named a historical property, so it can’t be demolished. Unfortunately, Cabe’s girlfriend, Allie, was the one who released the video that led to Sly’s downfall. While Cabe knows that Allie needs her job, and she was only doing what she was told, he still can’t be with someone like that. The Scorpion team looks up to him, and he needs to be loyal to them.

Editor's Rating

Overall 95%
This was an emotional time for Team Scorpion. Everyone is a little down in the dumps even after saving Ada’s life. So, the team devises a way to let Ada have the high school dance that she deserves. They rig a virtual reality device, so Ada can feel like she’s in the garage with them. Her father is grateful to see his daughter so happy. It seems like all it took was for Walter to read a woman’s magazine to finally understand other people’s feelings. I hope that Walter can continue on this path. If so, he may actually have a shot with Paige after all.
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