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Cadmus continues to be a threat now that they have the National Alien Registry. They begin to round up aliens, but it’s still uncertain what their next steps are. Alex is having trouble accepting that her father is really part of Cadmus and not just doing all of this to protect her like he says. According to the DEO, Jeremiah is an enemy combatant and is to be arrested on sight.

After hearing that Cadmus is kidnapping aliens, Kara wants to get the word out, so all aliens can be better prepared. Since she works as a journalist for CatCo, the answer seems obvious; she should just write an article. Snapper won’t run the article because Kara’s only source is Supergirl. Kara arranges a sitdown between Supergirl and Snapper, but Snapper still isn’t convinced. Supergirl can’t say that Cadmus stole the registry from the DEO because the DEO is classified. Snapper tells Kara that they can’t run the story without the whole truth.

With Jeremiah being the DEO enemy number one right now, Alex is pretty emotional. He shows up at her apartment claiming that he is always on Alex’s side. He asks her to get something from the DEO armory. Alex wants to take him into the DEO; she knows J’onn will listen. He convinces her to keep it a secret, and she agrees. It turns out it was all a ploy. J’onn was pretending to be Jeremiah to test her loyalties. J’onn suspends Alex from duty until further notice. While I agree that her judgment would be compromised on this case, this seemed like a very harsh way to suspend her. It also just makes her angry and more likely to do something stupid.

When Snapper won’t run the story, Kara looks to get the word out to the alien community in some other fashion. Now, I would have suggested she have someone record a warning from Supergirl, but I guess no one thought of that. When Lena hears of her mother’s latest escapades, she suggests that Kara blogs or tweets about her concerns. With Lena’s suggestion and Mon-El’s encouragement, Kara posts a blog about the stolen registry and warns all aliens to be on the lookout.

Well, I wasn’t wrong. Maggie convinces Alex that she should still work on finding Cadmus and her father. Alex ends up tracking down the Cadmus team sent out to round up another alien. She uses the GPS data from the van to find Cadmus’ hideout. Instead of alerting the DEO or her superhero sister, Alex goes to the Cadmus hideout alone. Now, I love Alex’s character. She’s independent and a badass, but it probably wouldn’t have hurt to have some backup, since Cadmus has an army. Alex gets trapped almost immediately.

Jeremiah shows Alex their plan. Cadmus put all of the aliens on a spaceship, and they are being sent home, forcible deportation if you will. Alex decides to get on the ship to try and redirect it back to Earth. At this point, there’s nothing she can do, so it’s a good thing that Supergirl comes to help. Supergirl uses all of her strength to stop the ship from going into hyper speed and sending the aliens and her sister way beyond their reach. In the end, they were able to save everyone, even if Cadmus is still at large. On the plus side, Jeremiah finally showed that he may not be completely under Cadmus’ control.

After Kara posted the story on a blog, she walks into CatCo to a lot of terrible looks. When she sees her belongings in a box on her desk, she realizes that she’s being fired. Snapper tells Kara that she ran the story on a competing source using CatCo resources, which is a clear breach of her contract. I’m not sure why Kara didn’t think about that, but it’s a shame that she won’t be working at CatCo any longer. Snapper is frustrated because he tells Kara that he was rooting for her. He reminds her that rules are there for a reason, to make sure the story gets done right.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This was another strong outing for Supergirl. I’m a little disappointed that Kara really didn’t think about her breach of contract when writing that blog post. I feel like there were plenty of other ways to get the story out there, especially when you’re Supergirl. Kara hopes that being Supergirl and having Mon-El is enough, and she doesn’t need her job at CatCo. I have a feeling she’s wrong, but it’s a nice thought. At the end, we were given a teaser as well as a nice surprise. Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo join Supergirl, but it’s unclear right now why they have come to Earth. Stayed tuned for more action packed fun from Supergirl.
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