Bicker Clicker | Scorpion “Monkey See, Monkey Poo” Review

The Scorpion team heads to the Amazon when the World Health Organization asks for them to find a cure for a deadly virus. Should the virus continue to spread, there could be a worldwide pandemic. The key is a rare monkey who is somehow immune to the virus.

In the Amazon, the team runs into the man who captured the monkey, but he was attacked by illegal loggers in the area. During the attack, the monkey escaped. Now, the team must not only find the monkey, but capture it to see if a gene in his DNA can be a cure for the virus. Hilarity ensues with the team tries to capture this monkey because naturally, they are all terrible at it. When Toby performs a mating ritual to attract the monkey, they find out that the monkey isn’t the key at all. Now what? It turns out the monkey eats fruit from a von von tree that just might be the cure. After shaking a tree and zapping some highly poisonous spiders, the team retrieves the fruit and find a cure. Can anyone blame Sly for not wanting to go? The case was only half the fun this week, since the rest of the team spends their time reflecting inward.

Happy is worried about her relationship with Toby, but maybe not quite how you imagined. Happy realizes that her childhood caused plenty of emotional scars. It caused her to be very guarded with her emotions. She doesn’t want to begin her married without seeing a couples therapist to see how she can better herself. Toby is clearly against going, especially when she recommends the same shrink that helped Toby and Walter get past their differences. The shrink had some very interesting observations.

The shrink is more concerned with Toby’s part of the relationship than Happy. Toby won’t let Happy answer any of the doctor’s questions, and he always points out how wonderful Happy is. The doctor says that Toby refuses to see any of Happy’s flaws; he puts her on a pedestal. While this may sound like a good thing, the doctor pointed out that Happy won’t feel like she can open up to Toby if he won’t give her an honest answer.

The doctor gives them a bicker clicker. When Toby feels like an action from Happy should cause them to bicker, he clicks. When all is said and done in the rainforest, Toby had clicked 131 times. Ironically, the shrink said something they didn’t expect. He reminds them that even after all of their bickering and frustrations, they still want to get married. He shows them that their relationship is actually working.

Sly was lucky enough to stay behind while the rest of the team trekked through the Amazon rainforest. He built a greenhouse to grow the perfect tomatoes. You see; Sly is upset that since tomatoes are round, they don’t fit perfectly onto sandwich bread. So, he’s trying to grow square tomatoes. I may not be a genius, but I feel like there’s probably a way to slice the tomato to cover the entire piece of bread. Sly gets bit by a caterpillar and spends the entire case thinking that he’s dying. Ralph identifies the worm as being harmless and shows Sly that his worries are all in his head. Sly felt guilty that he avoided all of the danger in the Amazon, so he’s looking to try new things, including moving his garden to the roof.

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Overall 90%
Paige’s hard work with Walter is really beginning to pay off. Cabe has been having a tough time dealing with his breakup with Allie. After coming home, Cabe says that he’s going to enjoy a TV dinner, alone. Walter recognizes that Cabe is in pain and tells Paige that he’s going to offer to hang out tonight. He knows that Cabe is hurting and could use a friend. Toby is excited that he is starting to learn empathy, but Paige is confused. To have empathy, it means that you have experienced the same pain. Paige finally understands that Walter wasn’t just being petty to Tim for their relationship. He had real feelings for her. Is this going to stir her feelings for Walter? Keep tuning in for more Scorpion.
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