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Happy and Paige get into a dangerous situation when things go awry on the latest Scorpion episode, “Broken Wind.” Happy has created a new solution to decrease the amount of maintenance done on windmills, much to the satisfaction of the Department of Energy.

Sadly, this job turn south when Paige and Happy are stuck in a gondola dangling 150 feet above the ground and slipping fast. The gondolas were probably repurposed from ski gondolas and not equipped to handle all of the wind that they sustain causing the gondola to fail. Great. Now, the rest of the team has to race against the clock to keep the girls alive. This gives them time to talk, and boy, do they get everything out on the table.

After Paige saw Happy’s wedding to do list, she was thrilled to try and help out. She was even hoping that, as Happy’s only female friend, she could be her maid of honor. Happy explained that they weren’t having wedding parties and even said that she likes Paige just fine. Wow, what a description of their friendship. While the guys figure out how to get them to safety, Paige tries to stay calm and get Happy’s mind off of the terror. When that doesn’t work, Happy explodes about not wanting to talk about the wedding. She says that she’s a genius not a cheerleader, throwing a clear insult to Paige, a competitive cheerleader previously as well as the group’s every day cheerleader.

The guys find a fix, and the girls are relieved. Happy and Paige don’t want to spend another minute alone together. But their fix was only temporary, and now, Happy and Paige are in severe danger once again. Paige decides to put herself out there and really share her feelings.

Paige reminds Happy that every day she is painfully aware of how she isn’t as smart as the rest of them. She thought she measured up as a valued team member and friend, but she feels that Happy only sees her as a weak link. Happy tries to tell her she’s wrong, but Paige only hears that once again she doesn’t understand something. It is interesting that Paige has to work so hard, yet they rarely treat Cabe differently, at least not in terms of his IQ. I know that Paige hasn’t always had the clearest purpose, but she has really stepped up and become a crucial link to these geniuses.

Paige and Happy go through a whole lot more trauma including being shot at by Cabe using a rifle he hasn’t shot in a decade and being electrocuted by Walter, on purpose. In the end, Happy tries to make nice with Paige. She didn’t mean the cheerleader comment as Paige took it. What Happy meant was that she doesn’t like being the center of attention for something like this. Give her some tools, and she’s fine. But, she doesn’t think she can be a good bride. Happy doesn’t want to get dolled up and is already nervous about meeting Toby’s family. Paige understands and lets Happy know that she’s here no matter what Happy needs.

Meanwhile, the boys all fight over who gets to be the best man, again hypothetically since they didn’t want to do a wedding party. Toby realizes that he wants Paige to be his best ma’am, after she helped to save Happy’s life. Paige is so glad to be chosen, but the three boys only want to see who’s the best. When Happy asks all of them to be her dudes of honor, they scatter quick before they can get any wedding work done. Thankfully, it sounds like Walter is going to help, so he and Paige are going to be wedding partners in crime. This project could lead to late nights and weekend work together. Could this romance be blooming once again?

Editor's Rating

Overall 100%
This episode was great. The character development was excellent. I loved seeing more from the female leads and especially more about their friendship. Happy is getting better at expressing her feelings even if it’s difficult. Sly also took a leap of faith this week. He invited Cabe to join him and his friends at the comic book shop to play games. Cabe respectfully declines and breaks Sly’s heart. Happy shows Cabe that Sly wanted him to come as a friend and really got close to him during the campaign. Cabe is touched and shows up in a leopard print cape and viking hat; he is Magnus Gallo. It was nice to see Cabe connecting with the group. All in all, this was a strong outing for Scorpion, and I hope to see more like this in the coming weeks.
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