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It looks like the Daxamites are still causing issues by orbiting Earth in the hopes that their prince, Mon-El will rejoin his people. Kara has trouble hiding when a bounty is put on her head. Meanwhile, Alex finds herself in an awkward situation.

After Kara’s run in with Music Meister, her relationship with Mon-El is back to normal, and they are happier than ever. Naturally, this just means that something is going to come between them. Kara takes down an alien with little to no effort. Then, they realize that someone put a pricy bounty on her head. Mon-El worries that his parents are the one who set the bounty, so he confronts them. They deny it, of course, while they simultaneously put down the alien bar that many have found as a refuge.

J’onn and Alex want Kara to stay hidden until they can stop the bounty hunters, but hiding in her apartment wasn’t good enough. A telepath found her and used Mon-El’s body to fight Supergirl. The fight was hilarious because Mon-El couldn’t control his limbs, and Kara didn’t want to hurt him. When they got him back to the DEO, J’onn used his mind control abilities to get the alien to crack. He revealed that it was the Daxamites who put the bounty out on Kara. Mon-El actually had hope that his parents were telling the truth, but it looks like they will do anything to get him back.

Kara convinces Mon-El to talk with his parents. They meet his mother in the Fortress of Solitude, and she admits to putting out the bounty. It was her way of getting Mon-El to come back to her. She pulls out kryptonite swords and attempts to kill Kara. Apparently, Daxam is littered with kryptonite. Mon-El can’t stand to see Kara hurting and agrees to go back to being the Prince of Daxam as long as she leaves Kara alone. Queen Rhea is more than happy with this outcome and gladly agrees to leave with her precious son.

On the ship, Mon-El talks with his father about making changes when they rebuild Daxam. Mon-El wants everyone on Daxam to be heard equally. They have a chance to start again, and he doesn’t want to create the same broken system. His dad doesn’t agree and believes that his family only survived because of the hierarchy. Rhea slaps her son for this kind of talk. It will take four years for them to travel back to Daxam, so she hopes locking her son up will help him see things differently once they return home.

Kara can’t let Mon-El sacrifice himself for her, so she asks J’onn to go after him. J’onn knows they are under strict orders from the President to stand down and not go after the Daxamites. Of course, J’onn can’t deny a friend in need, and they devise a plan to get Mon-El back. Eventually, King Lar Gand broke up the fighting. He finally sees that Mon-El has a new family and lets his son go. I knew this wouldn’t go over well with the queen. After losing Mon-El yet again, Rhea still isn’t ready to give up. She murders her husband, as she feels he isn’t in sync with her vision anymore, and she’s not done with Earth just yet.

I love when we get to see more about Alex and Maggie’s relationship. The two run into Maggie’s ex, Emily, and Alex is trying to be cool despite the awkward situation. Alex tries to coordinate a dinner for the three of them, but Emily stands them up. Maggie wanted closure for a very painful time in her life. She says that Emily said some hurtful things including that Maggie didn’t deserve happiness. When Alex confronts Emily, she tells Alex that Maggie cheated on her. When Alex sits down with Maggie, she’s only upset that Maggie didn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth. She knows that everyone has done stupid things; Alex isn’t here to judge Maggie for her past. Alex reminds Maggie that she doesn’t have to be guarded with her. Could they get any sweeter?

Editor's Rating

Overall 95%
This was another strong episode for Supergirl. Supergirl has been my favorite of the CW DC shows this season, and I’m always excited to come back each week. While I felt that some of this episode was predictable, I’m enjoying Mon-El’s story. He has made Kara a stronger and more well rounded character. We got to see the President again, and we even saw another glimpse at her alien side. We knew she wasn’t human, but what kind of alien is she? And when will someone else notice? She was awfully interested in keeping the Daxamites safe from Supergirl and the DEO, but why? Keep tuning in for more from the Last Daughter of Krypton.
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