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Tom is in a pickle this week after watching Solomon take Howard into custody. But there’s no time to waste because a new case has come to Halcyon when a family is taken hostage.

After the family is taken, Halcyon is called in when there is a request for no feds. The man behind the attack, Rocha, doesn’t want money. He only asks that his associate, Carlos Cantara, be released from federal custody. Cantara is like a son to him, and he wants to be reunited with Cantara once again. When Halcyon attempts to find Cantara, this proves to be more difficult than they thought. Cantara was actually an informant against Rocha and in witness protection. He won’t be easy to find.

Of course, Halcyon has their ways, and Solomon and Tom knock on Cantara’s door with an enticing offer. They offer Cantara millions of dollars and a way of putting Rocha away for good. He agrees but ends up in over his head. Rocha found out that his associate was an informant, and Cantara tries to beg for his life. Unfortunately, Rocha isn’t the boss in the operation.

THE BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION -- "Hostages" Episode 106 -- Pictured: Edi Gathegi as Matias Solomon -- (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)

THE BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION — “Hostages” Episode 106 — Pictured: Edi Gathegi as Matias Solomon — (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)

The real boss is the head of the insurance agency that pays out the ransom money. He was using his position to split the ransom cash with Rocha. Halcyon’s team gets there in time to save Cantara, but he is almost taken out for good. Rocha kills his boss for Cantara proving that his love for him is stronger than any business arrangement.

Tom works every angle to find a way to save Howard. After realizing that Howard might not be as crazy as he seems, it’s clear that Tom has chosen his side. Now that he knows that Solomon has aligned with Scottie, he needs a little backup of his own. Tom goes to Nez and actually sees her buying drugs. She tells him how Howard saved her, and it looks like Tom is about to give her some motivation to get back on the right track. He tells her that Howard is alive and in trouble.

Tom figures out that Howard is being held at a private medical facility called Fairhaven. The security is so tight that Tom has a tough time getting to Howard. The window is too small, and Tom just barely escapes, while Howard stays behind. Nez has a great point while Tom was attempting to recruit her help. She wonders how Tom fits in with Howard. Why has he aligned himself with Howard? I’m not sure that he can reveal his true intentions just yet, so what will Tom tell her? He ignored the question so far, but Nez isn’t one to give up.

THE BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION -- "Hostages" Episode 106 -- Pictured: Terry O'Quinn as Howard Hargrave -- (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

THE BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION — “Hostages” Episode 106 — Pictured: Terry O’Quinn as Howard Hargrave — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

Scottie was flip flopping like crazy in this episode. One second, she’s the doting wife, glad to see her husband alive and well. The next second, she’s the torturer working to get information from Howard. Scottie wants the name of his associate, but Howard won’t break that easily. Scottie enlists some help from Dumont to clean up the video footage from Fairhaven to see if she can identify the associate. She eventually gets a clear picture of Tom and asks Solomon to take him out.

Howard only laughs when Scottie reveals that Tom will be dead soon. Howard knows that she won’t kill Tom, but Scottie is sure there is nothing he can say to change her mind. Little did she know that Howard would reveal that Tom is her son, Christopher. Scottie is clearly in shock, but thankfully, she calls off the hit just in time. Howard promises to reveal everything he knows about Tom and why he’s confident that he is their child.

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Overall 90%
I’m so glad that The Blacklist: Redemption is moving at a much faster pace. We are starting to see our characters grow and change within a shorter amount of time. I’m glad that Scottie knows about Tom. I will be curious to see how their relationship can move forward after this discovery. With the final two episodes this season being titled Whitehall and Whitehall: Conclusion, it seems that everything is about to come crashing down on the Hargraves. Tune in for the final episodes of The Blacklist: Redemption.
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