Asteroid vs Meteor | Scorpion “Rock Block” Review

Wedding bells are close to ringing, and the team is working hard to make sure that Happy and Toby have the perfect wedding. This includes finding jobs that get them quick money. A foreign government enlists Team Scorpion to help them safely land a capsule that is hurtling down from space.

This foreign government is asking Scorpion to safely land their capsule. Inside the capsule is an asteroid, or meteor depending on your viewpoint. The capsule protects the asteroid from burning up in Earth’s atmosphere, and it contains a very powerful element, Palladium, which is extremely profitable especially for a small foreign country.

Happy concocts another crazy scheme, as is the norm for Team Scorpion. She wants to send up a remote controlled helicopter to meet the capsule. The helicopter will shut off its engine, allowing it to reach terminal velocity alongside of the capsule. Once they are at the same velocity, the helicopter can reach out and grab the capsule. The helicopter then restarts its engine and lands safely.

While Scorpion’s plans are always well thought out, they never go according to plan. When Happy couldn’t get the engine started again, I thought to myself, “Here we go again.” But, they tricked me this time. Happy only needed to add new batteries to her remote, and voila, the helicopter safely brought the capsule down to Earth. Now, what? Well, Toby notices that the asteroid displays a blue tint to the outer layer. This could mean a number of things, so Toby asks to essentially perform a biopsy on the asteroid.

Toby discovers that there is DNA on the asteroid. It’s just short of extraterrestrial life. Paige says exactly what most of us were probably thinking; this is good, right? Doesn’t this make the asteroid even more valuable? Well sure it could, or more likely it could kill everyone on the planet. The DNA is more likely due to deadly pathogens that could kill all life on Earth.

The only solution is to sterilize the asteroid and in turn kill the Palladium. Their military General does not share their concerns and wants to just open the capsule, taking the risk of literally killing everyone. The President sees the error in being too proud and agrees to let Team Scorpion help to sterilize the asteroid. Unfortunately, the President has to work under the radar as to not rouse too much suspicion from the General, thus killing their whole mission. In the end, the team is able to sterilize the asteroid just in time.

Cabe stayed behind on this case, since it was private and had nothing to do with their government. Allie stops by unexpectedly. She brings proof that her boss, the current Alderman, accepted bribes. Her proof will push him out of the office, which means that Sly will be Alderman assuming he wants the position. When Sly hears about this he says that he doesn’t want the Alderman seat because he won’t listen to someone as stupid as Cabe. Huh? Sly explains that Allie is great, yet Cabe is refusing to let himself be happy with her. Sly isn’t even upset about the campaign anymore. They agree that Sly will take the Alderman seat if Cabe asks Allie to dinner.

That just leaves the happy couple. Happy and Toby are enjoying all of the freebies from wedding venues, while the rest of the team is doing all of the grunt work. Eventually, Paige figures them out and takes a bribe of spa coupons to keep quiet. Walter is good at taking a few steps forward and one step back. He thought that he should get Happy and Toby lectures to assure that they don’t have a failed marriage; Walter actually calculated that they have a 43% chance of staying married. Gee, thanks.

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When Paige explained that this was not appropriate, he did a complete 180. Walter then contacted a dance instructor to help Happy and Toby with their first dance. He may still be rough around the edges, but Paige’s work is not going unnoticed. We’re getting close to seeing a Scorpion wedding, and I for one can’t wait. Keep tuning in to see your favorite geniuses solve the impossible.
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