Painful Realizations | Scorpion “Strife on Mars” Review

We’re getting closer and closer to the big day for Happy and Toby, which can only mean one thing… bachelor and bachelorette parties. While Walter plans a scientific outing, Paige goes the more traditional route. All of that will have to wait when they get a call from Kapper Aerospace Industries.

Kapper Aerospace Industries is conducting an experiment. They have perfectly replicated the conditions on Mars. They have two scientists who have been in a biodome for 11 months. They are on their last month, but their power grid is failing. If Team Scorpion can fix their power, they can complete the mission which will lead to recognition from NASA. Toby points out that they cannot interfere with the scientists, or it would ruin the mission.

This lasts for about a minute. When the team walks into the biodome, they are confronted with a mess. The plants in the dome have failed, and the scientists are not in the lab as they should be. They have given up on the research and are just trying to survive the last month in captivity. The two scientists were romantically linked when they entered the dome, but they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore. When the team tries to fix the power, it seems that Kapper brought them in too late. The reactor blows and ends up trapping the team inside with a ticking clock before deadly fog penetrates the dome and kills them all. Just another day with this team.

Between concussive blasts and strange odors, Walter begins to remember his hallucinations of Paige aboard the space capsule, and he’s more confused than ever. Walter doesn’t understand what really happened up there. The team finally breaks it to him that he hallucinated Paige being in the capsule with him. She had to talk him into pulling the lever that saved his life. Walter remembers telling her he loves her, and she said it right back. She tries to explain that she only said that to save his life.

Ralph makes an interesting point. He explains to his mom that a genius’s brain can understand when it is hallucinating. Walter should have been able to tell the difference between a hallucination and the truth. Ralph wonders if Paige really meant it when she told Walter that she loves him, which made Walter register it as the truth. I think Paige was more surprised by her son’s insight than anything else, but she tries to again talk with Walter.

Now Walter understands that Paige only did what was necessary to save his life. She’s glad that he understands and is so proud of how far he ha come. Walter agrees and says that her job is now over. Since she has gotten him to this point, he doesn’t really need her anymore. He tells her that there isn’t a position with Scorpion for her anymore, and he’s going to give her a year’s worth of severance. He also called Richard Ellia and arranged for Paige to have another job lined up. To Walter, this seems perfectly acceptable, but now, Paige is heartbroken. I don’t think he comprehends the pain he caused her, or if he even cares.

Toby and Happy are moving in together, and Toby is already invading her space. He said he was bringing a few boxes to her place but ends up with an entire moving truck full of stuff. Happy is frustrated and continuously calls his stuff crap. After witnessing the hatred that the two scientists had after being in close quarters for so long, Happy and Toby are terrified that could happen to them. They realize that neither of them are the easiest to get along with. In the end, Happy frames Toby’s painting of Toby Dick, the whale from Moby Dick with a hat on him. It was her way of saying she’ll deal with his crap. Who else is excited to see them finally get hitched?

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Now that Walter has made a mess of his relationship with Paige, it will be interesting to see how Toby and Happy’s wedding goes. It’s a shame that Walter had to make it so awkward. I guess his next step will be swallowing his pride. I’m guessing Paige won’t be gone forever, but Walter is going to have to set his feelings aside, which won’t be easy.
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