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The Blacklist is back with “Dembe Zuma.” After it appears that Dembe is the one who is betraying Red, he goes on the run. This only makes him look more guilty. In the end, both Red and the FBI task force will know who is after Raymond Reddington, once and for all.

Aram has reconnected with Janet, formerly Elise. When she surprises Aram he asks how she got into his apartment, and she mentions that the door was unlocked. Aram is sure that he would have locked the door and goes to check. Dembe is in the apartment and kidnaps Aram. Harold Cooper wants to work with Red to find both Dembe and Aram. Red and Liz work to find Dembe, while the rest of the team looks for Aram. In the end, they should all get to the same spot.

Red knows that the best way to find Dembe is to go through his family. His daughter and granddaughter are his only weak points. To do that, Red has to find the Sanctum Corporation. Dembe used Sanctum to hide his family, but Red has no idea who they are. Red finds a contact who also used Sanctum, but when they arrive, the man is dead. Now it seems that someone is after clients who used Sanctum to hide, but who?

Photo from the episode "Dembe Zuma"

Photo from the episode “Dembe Zuma”

While Red is searching for Dembe, Dembe takes Aram to a locker. He explains that Red has these lockers all around the globe. When Aram says that he doesn’t want to break in, Dembe reveals that this is not his intention. Someone has already broken in. Dembe wants to know who. Dembe only wants to help Red, but he needs proof of his innocence before going back to Raymond. Aram has a soft spot for Red and decides to help Dembe. He thinks that he can hack the lock to see who accessed the locker last.

Aram can’t find who cracked the locker because there is a proprietary encryption. Dembe tells Aram he can go and asks for his forgiveness for kidnapping him. Aram still wants to help Mr. Reddington and tells Dembe he might have an idea. Aram goes to the security facility where the proprietary encryption is. He sweet talked his way into a conference room where he tries to see who stole from Red. Aram finds a name, Kathryn Nemec. This means nothing to Aram, but Dembe acts like he has just seen a ghost.

Red continues on the hunt of the Sanctum Corporation. He finds a woman, Dr. Sophia Gallup. She’s a prison therapist who frequently testifies on behalf of criminals. They strike a deal. She gets them released; they kill someone for her. The people they kill used the Sanctum Corporation. Red catches up with a master forger, who is the next target of Dr. Gallup. The forger explains that a husband and wife ran Sanctum, but the Lopez’s died months ago in a tragic fire. Their daughter, Vanessa, was the only survivor. Vanessa and Dr. Gallup are one and the same; she’s going after any criminals who used the Sanctum Corporation, since one of them is responsible for her parents’ death; they were looking for money in their house.

Photo from the episode "Dembe Zuma"

Photo from the episode “Dembe Zuma”

Red finds the Lopez’s ledger and gets to Dembe’s family. He asks Dembe’s daughter to call him. Dembe tells Red that he’s innocent. He then starts talking frantically saying that she’s not here, but Dembe drops the phone when an arrow pierces his leg. The hunter who saved Mr. Kaplan is after Dembe. After they get disconnected, Aram tells Red the name that he found, Kathryn Nemec. Red knows immediately that Mr. Kaplan is alive and goes to help Dembe.

Red catches up with the hunter. They get the upper hand and take the hunter back to his cabin. They ask him to call Kate. Of course, they aren’t about to let him live, but the hunter isn’t ready to go down with a fight. He warns Red not to underestimate Kate. When the hunter calls Kate, it rings a phone inside the cabin. The hunter set explosives to blow them all up, but Red and Dembe get out just in time. Before he died, the hunter warned Kate that her fight was on; Red and Dembe know that she’s alive.

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Everything with Mr. Kaplan is finally coming to a head. I’m glad the truth is coming out, but how could this possibly end? When the task force and Liz find out that Mr. Kaplan is the one after Red, how will they feel? I have a feeling this season may end bloody.
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