Love in the Air | Scorpion “Something Burrowed, Something Blew” Review

The day is here! Toby and Happy are getting ready for their wedding, and Toby is going crazy with the traditions. This is also the first time that Paige has come around in weeks, which proves to be very awkward. Wedding bells are put on hold when Homeland Security has an emergency situation for the team.

Homeland Security calls the team to a small town in Wyoming, where a fire beneath the ground threatens a local Telecommunications hub. When Scorpion easily puts out the fire, it looks like they will all be on their way to the wedding in no time. Of course, it can’t be that easy. There’s another fire even further beneath the ground, which is seemingly impossible.

Reports were altered on the conductivity of the soil; now, the new fire threatens to hit a nuclear waste plant. Should the fire reach the plant, the entire town will go up in flames along with the Scorpion team. Thankfully, they think quick on their feet; they are geniuses after all. They stop the fire, but Walter is trapped after the blast. He asks Cabe to tell Paige something for him, when it seems that there’s no way out. Cabe gives some good tough love. He yells at Walter that he needs to face Paige and tell her what he wants to say. They get Walter out, but there’s no time to make it to the wedding.

Never fear; Paige is here. She set up an entire wedding ceremony in the parking lot of the local deli. Paige felt bad after Toby reminded her that she didn’t have to ditch the rest of the team just because she and Walter had a falling out. She realized that she needed to make it up to them and was able to pull together a pretty nice wedding ceremony in a matter of hours. Toby may not have gotten the big wedding of his dreams, but he got to marry the love of his life. The icing on the cake may have been Toby’s speechlessness during his vows. Happy stepped up and told Toby about how she has always liked engineering because she could see how pieces fit together. She knew that they fit together the moment they met. Cue the awes.

After the case, Walter is realizing that he has to man up. He talks with Ralph and tells him that he was right. Walter took the easy way out with Paige, and he was a coward. Walter doesn’t like what it feels like for Ralph to be mad at him. Ralph accepts his apology, but he reminds Walter that he isn’t really who Walter should be apologizing to. Walter asks Paige to dance. He tells her how much it mattered to him that Paige was there for this case. The cases they had without Paige just felt empty.

Walter finally tells Paige face to face and without any hallucinogens that he loves her. He fired her because he’s in love with her and always has been. He didn’t know how to handle his feelings and took the easy road. Paige finally admits to Walter and maybe even to herself that she loves him too. Walter has no idea what to do with that information, but Paige does.

Well no time to dwell on the newlyweds. It’s time for a new case. Luckily for Toby and Happy, this case takes them to Tahiti. Here’s to a free honeymoon, with all of Team Scorpion. During the flight, Walter and Paige are happy with the way their relationship is blooming. Soon, turbulence strikes, and the plane is going down. What will happen to the team?

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I’m glad that we finally got our Scorpion wedding. Happy and Toby had a beautiful wedding with their closest friends, who are really more like family. Paige and Walter are finally going to give dating a try. Ralph may be the smartest one out of them all, which is always fun to see. With the end of season three looming, expect plenty of high stakes and maybe a cliffhanger or two.
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