Master of Manipulation | The Blacklist “Dr. Bogdan Krilov” Review

“Dr. Bogdan Krilov” is the latest blacklister, and he’s another person who manipulates memories. Not only can Krilov take memories away, he can alter memories or even plant new ones. And he’s got a new target in mind at the direction of none other than Mr. Kaplan.

Dr. Bogdan Krilov is on the move and ready to manipulate some minds. While Liz and Samar track down Krilov, Ressler finds that a witness has come forward in the murder of Reven Wright. When Ressler tracks down the witness, men are there taking her away. Ressler knows that Laurel Hitchin, former Cabal operative, is behind all of this, but of course, she’s not willing to play his game. Just when we think that Hitchin is acting a little bit crazy, we realize that we have all been duped. There’s no witness. Ressler is being manipulated by Krilov. He was Kate’s target.

Liz and Samar catch up to Ressler, but he has already shot a man in the leg and illegally entered Hitchin’s lake house. For once, Hitchin is actually confused by the situation. It is Mr. Kaplan’s hope that she can forcefully disband the task force to stop aiding Red’s behaviors. Although Ressler’s mind has been altered, he’s still taken away in handcuffs. When Liz tries to get Krilov to admit what he did to Ressler, Krilov mentions that he remembers Liz. But, what Liz didn’t know is that Krilov took away memories from her only two years ago. She had learned something about Red that he didn’t want her to know, so he had Krilov remove those memories. Krilov asks for immunity in exchange for the memories he took, but Liz isn’t taking the bait.

Photo from the episode "Dr. Bogan Krilov"

Photo from the episode “Dr. Bogan Krilov”

Meanwhile, Kate is still looking to bring down Red by any means necessary. Red is following her, but she decides to make it super easy on him this time and tells him where she is going. Red knows exactly what she’s trying to do. Red used a man’s love for his son to his advantage years ago when he was still trying to build his empire. This man, Werner von Hauser, was a rival and enemy to Reddington, until his son was taken and Red promised to get him back.

Werner didn’t know at the time that Red arranged the whole thing. Red hired some thugs to do the dirty work and kidnap Werner’s son. Red was going to negotiate his release, and these thugs were going to be so scared of big bad Raymond Reddington that Werner’s son would be home safe and sound in no time. Unfortunately, Red couldn’t control these thugs, and they actually killed Werner’s son. Red was still able to save the mission by killing the thugs. Werner was so thankful to Red for killing his son’s murderers that they became friends and had a lucrative relationship from then on. Now that Kate told him the truth, Werner is ready to have Red killed. But, Red has a man loyal to him on the inside, and he gets the drop on Werner first. With Werner dead, it’s only a matter of time before his loyal followers are after Red.

Photo from the episode "Dr. Bogan Krilov"

Photo from the episode “Dr. Bogan Krilov”

Julian Gale has been hounding Liz to talk about the 86 bodies that he’s investigating on this very eerie ice rink. Everyone has a different opinion on whether or not she should entertain him, but in the end I think Liz’s curiosity won. Unfortunately, Julian doesn’t have any real questions that he wants to ask. He just wants to show his hand. Julian has been having a tough time getting the case files on the victims found. Julian firsts asks Liz what it was like to be on the run with Raymond Reddington. Liz explains that she was scared, but she has no idea where Julian is going with all of his theatrics. Julian gives Liz a timeline.

First, he talks about the date that she was plucked from her little desk and upgraded to a profiler, seemingly for no reason. He matches that timeframe with the first time the SCI-7 security code was used, the same one that is preventing him from reading the case files. Julian puts the pieces together and realizes that Red is feeding intel to Liz at the FBI. He tells Liz that he doesn’t have any questions for her. He had his time with the 86 bodies asking for their forgiveness; he gives Liz the chance to do the same.

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Red’s empire is certainly crumbling around him. If Kate really wants Liz to turn against him, she should have Krilov give Liz back her memories. But, does Kate know that Krilov worked on Liz only two years ago? I’m still not certain who I want to root for in this whole debacle, but it’s proving to bring great episodes to the end of this season of The Blacklist.
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