Stranded | Scorpion “Maroon 8” Review

After the joys of Happy and Toby’s wedding, Team Scorpion was bound to hit a bump in the road, or in the air it would seem. While on their way to their next job in Tahiti, the team’s plane hits turbulence, and they lose power.

The team figures out that equipment that was brought onboard ended up overheating. This caused an EMP, electromagnetic pulse, which knocked out the power. Unfortunately, shrapnel cut through the hydraulics, which left the pilot, Scotty, with zero control over the plane. Thankfully, the smartest people on the planet are all aboard that plane. They work together to get the plane to crash land on an extremely remote island. They have no idea where they have landed and how in the world they can possibly get off this island alive.

After they crash, everyone realizes they are alive and mostly well. The pilot on the other hand, is a little worse for wear. Scotty’s arm is pinned, and if they get him out, deadly toxins in his blood could actually stop his heart. While they work on Scotty, Happy notices that her copilot seat has been impaled. She would be dead had Scotty not forced her back into the cabin, which is much safer than the cockpit. Happy is clearly grateful, and they all want to do whatever it takes to save Scotty.

After Happy revealed not only that she can fly a plane, she casually mentioned that she can speak Portuguese, recorded a single, did some ice trucking, and may or may not have dated Jake Gyllenhaal. Toby is very confused by this mysterious woman who he can now call his wife. Toby keeps making comments about not knowing her at all. Happy finally gets fed up and lets him know that he’s going to learn some weird things about her. Before she met him, she didn’t really know who she was. She moved around alot and never had a home until now. She reminds Toby that she wouldn’t change anything in her past because it led her to now being his wife.

Other members of the team are not acting like themselves, after being completely stranded on this island. Sly goes waltzing into a potentially dangerous jungle with no regard to his safety. He says that he has run thousands of scenarios, and he is sure they are going to die on the island. It seems that since Sly has looked death in the face, he has nothing left to fear. It helps that he isn’t resistant to doing what it takes to save their lives, but he isn’t really doing a good job trying to find a way off the island.

Meanwhile, Walter is being goofy. He’s so happy to be in love with Paige, and he’s being a little odd, odder than usual. He’s only feeling positive now that he has so much to live for. He picks a flower for Paige in the jungle and compliments her on her smarts. He says that she may be the smartest of them all. Not that Paige isn’t great and smart, but Walter is a little looney here. He also is having trouble focusing on the task at hand; he’s too busy trying to be a good boyfriend.

Paige tries to talk with Walter, letting him know that he needs to be present when they are on a case. She asks that he tone down the boyfriend stuff for now. She flat out tells Walter that he sucks at this. Later, she realizes that they are going to learn new things about one another every day. Paige tells Walter to show his love however he wants. Walter just becomes a sappy super geek. I guess it could be worse.

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In the end, the team did everything right. They found a radio in an old World War II bunker that allowed them to hear when a ship was going to be nearby. Unfortunately, they are more than 2,000 miles off course, which makes a rescue seemingly impossible. Once they see the ship, they send a flare high into the sky, but it isn’t enough. No one is coming to rescue them. The team has now been stranded for three weeks, which is putting a strain on everyone. How are these geniuses going to get out of this one?
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