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Raymond Reddington brings the FBI a new blacklister in “The Debt Collector.” Red has intel that says the Debt Collector is coming for Elizabeth. Now, the task force, Red, and Kate all work to keep Liz safe before he exacts revenge on Liz.

The Debt Collector is an avenging angel. His clients hire him to carry out some sort of justice against someone who wronged them or a loved one. In 2002, the debt collector took a kid. He claimed that the kid sold a girl bad drugs. The girl overdosed on the drugs and drowned. The Debt Collector doled out recompense by killing the kid in the same manner. Fifteen years later, the boy was never found, until now. With the intel from Red, they were able to find the body of the boy, which was mummified. With this being their only lead, the task force needs something ASAP before the Debt Collector comes for Liz.

The task force needs help, and who is better at looking at the dead than Mr. Kaplan. Of course, if Liz’s life is in danger, Kate will be there to protect her.  Kate isn’t ready to turn herself in, so she asks that they do a dead drop with the body. The FBI isn’t prepared to just let Kate get away. They attempt to follow the body to get to her, but she isn’t stupid. Everyone is still underestimating Mr. Kaplan. But, Red was right. Not only did Mr. Kaplan find something on the body, she already figured out who the Debt Collector is, Edgar Grant, a janitor at a local middle school.

Photo from the episode "The Debt Collector"

Photo from the episode “The Debt Collector”

Samar goes to Edgar’s house, but it’s too dangerous for Liz to go. She has to head straight to the FBI safe house… well at least after she picks up some stuff from her apartment. Naturally, that’s all it took for Edgar to get to Liz. He takes her away, and now the clock is ticking. In Edgar’s collection of trophies Samar finds emails from a man who Liz put away named Tyson Pryor. Pryor was put away for life after he mailed letters filled with anthrax, but recently, he was put in hospice after a cancer diagnosis assured his impending death. Samar caught up with Pryor, and he had no idea what she was talking about. It looks like all is not as it seems here.

When Liz is brought to a remote cabin, Red comes out of a back room. Pryor wasn’t lying; he didn’t have a hand in Liz’s kidnapping. That was all Reddington. Red assured Liz that the Debt Collector wasn’t going to harm her, but didn’t he make that same promise when he had Verner’s son kidnapped? Red’s playing with fire here; he’s just lucky that Edgar listened. The Debt Collector was only a means to an end. Red used Liz’s life to lure out Kate. He was hoping that they could come to an agreement and coexist. She’s not ready to do that, and I’m afraid this friendship is going to end in blood.

Photo from the episode "The Debt Collector"

Photo from the episode “The Debt Collector”

With Ressler under investigation, he is free to work with Julian Gale. Julian is convinced that Red is feeding intel to Liz, and in turn, she is helping him stay one step ahead of the FBI. Although he’s not far off, they can’t let him get too close. Julian sets up a meeting with Marvin Girard, and Ressler goes with him. When Girard recognizes Ressler, he asks to only speak with him, making up a story about how everyone in their circle knows Ressler from the manhunt against Liz and Red. Girard agrees to keep his mouth shut about the task force as long as he gets something in return. He’s always looking out for number one after all.

When Ressler gets a call about Liz at the cabin, he goes even in spite of his suspension. The FBI showed up during Red and Kate’s standoff. It looked like everyone was going to be civil, until Julian showed up with a long range weapon in hand. Julian decided to take a shot at Red, but he missed. This caused some serious mayhem, allowing everyone to get away. It looks like Julian has added himself to this mess. Did he follow Ressler to the cabin? Otherwise, how else would he have gotten there?

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Next week is the two hour season finale of the Blacklist. The previews show that we will finally get the answer of whether or not Red is Liz’s father. It has been a long time coming, so I hope that we can finally close the book on this question. Clearly, both Kate and Red have a blind spot for Liz. She’s going to be the downfall of all of them it seems. With a season five pickup of The Blacklist, this won’t be the last we see of Raymond Reddington; that’s for sure.
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