The Tough Choice | Supergirl “Nevertheless, She Persisted” Review

The writers on Supergirl have never shied away from using their TV show to inspire young men and women. Between last week’s episode and this finale, Supergirl has focused on empowering women and showing them that they are strong.

Now that Superman has destroyed the only weapon available of taking down the Daxamites, the DEO has to find a new way to save National City. Supergirl is trying to figure out what happened to Superman, and Rhea is all too willing to tell her. Rhea used silver kryptonite on Superman, and he thinks that he’s fighting Zod, not Supergirl.

We got an amazingly choreographed fight between Superman and Supergirl, and as expected, Supergirl ends up victorious. Comic book lure usually has Supergirl as being stronger than Superman, and what a great time to show that strength and prove that women can be just as strong if not stronger as their male counterparts. What was even better than the fight was the way that Kal-El reacted afterwards. He was embarrassed that he was hurting his cousin, but he was so proud that she was stronger than him. I also appreciated that when Superman met Mon-El, he had no judgment of this Daxamite. He understood that if Kara loves him, then he must be a good guy.


As Daxam soldiers fall from the sky, the DEO and Team Supergirl are running out of options. In walks Lillian Luthor… again. Lillian goes to her daughter, Lena, with a plan to take down the Daxamites and force them to leave Earth. Lex had been working on a device to put kryptonite in Earth’s atmosphere, making it uninhabitable by Superman and Supergirl. If Lena can find a way to change it to release low levels of lead into the atmosphere, the Daxamites will be forced to leave should they not want to die.

Supergirl tries to play on Rhea’s Daxam traditions before unleashing the lead, since that means that Mon-El wouldn’t be able to stay on Earth without dying. Supergirl calls for a trial by combat against Rhea. Should Supergirl win, the Daxamites leave Earth and never return, but if Rhea wins, then Earth is hers. While it was a good idea to use Daxam traditions, Rhea is too sneaky to not cheat somehow. She sends her soldiers anyway, and Daxamites take over National City. Even with help, they can’t fight all of the Daxamites. It’s on to plan B.

Mon-El knows what Kara has to do. Lena was smart and gave Supergirl the remote to detonate her device, since she knows Supergirl can be trusted with such a decision. Supergirl pushes the remote, and Rhea disintegrates within seconds. Mon-El, thankfully, has a little bit more time. In a very sentimental scene, Kara sends Mon-El off in the pod that brought her to Earth.


I loved the scene where Kara and Mon-El have to say goodbye. There was so much emotion there, and it was heartbreaking to watch. Mon-El promises to be better because of her, and he’s going to be the man that she thought he could be. They finally say the big L word, and Kara sends him with her mother’s necklace to keep him safe. We don’t know where Mon-El is going, but his pod gets sucked into a portal or a black hole. I sure hope they find a way to bring him back. Chris Wood was doing such a great job with his character, and I’d hate for this to be the end of his story.

It will be a sad day if Cat Grant leaves again in season three. She always has the right words of wisdom for Kara. Cat is worried that Kara is frowning after the city has been saved. Kara tells Cat that she had a boyfriend whom she really loved, but it didn’t work out. Cat reminds Kara that what makes women strong is that we have the guts to be vulnerable. Cat knows that Kara will get through this pain and make it to the other side. Plus, look at everything she has accomplished this year with her career. It’s a really sweet touch that Cat read all of Kara’s articles. Kara is glad for the talk of encouragement, but she sees trouble on the news. Kara makes up a lame excuse to leave, and Cat has put two and two together. She whispers to herself, “Go get ‘em, Supergirl.” Does this mean that Cat knows that Clark Kent is Superman?

Editor's Rating

Supergirl has been one of my favorite shows this season, and the finale was nothing short of incredible. It was inspiring, heartbreaking, and uplifting all in 42 minutes or so. There were some great details that I’ll always enjoy seeing. Winn still gushed over Superman, as did Cat Grant over Clark Kent. M’gann came back to Earth to help a troubled J’onn J’onnz. And best of all? Alex asked Maggie to marry her. Maggie didn’t officially answer, but the smile on her face spoke volumes. Maybe we’ll get a wedding in season three. But first, they will have to battle something that came to Earth from Krypton when Kara and Kal-El escaped. The Kryptonians who put “it” in the pod said that “it” will grow strong on Earth, and “it” will eventually reign. Does anyone know what “it” is? In any case, I can’t wait to see what magic they bring in season three.
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