Immunity | The Blacklist “Mr Kaplan” Review

It’s all continuing to fall for Reddington in part one of the season finale of The Blacklist. Mr. Kaplan has been dismantling Red’s entire empire, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to put Red away for good. She puts a new plan in motion that will have dire consequences for the entire task force.

Aram is given a subpoena while out on a “run” with Janet. He has been called to testify. It looks like Julian is ready to enact his plan to take down the task force. Julian wants to prove that all members of the task force have turned a blind eye while Reddington committed acts of crime, including murder. Now, he just needs a few keys to make this case. The first thing he needs is a testimony from Aram. Aram is even offered immunity, but he doesn’t want to testify. If he doesn’t he could be held in contempt. Aram is more conflicted than ever before.

The second thing that Julian needs will be provided by Mr. Kaplan herself. She holds a man captive and ends up taking his eye out. Kaplan enlists the help of a man named Mario Dixon. Dixon takes the eye to get into a secret facility. It turns out to be an FBI facility that holds a ton of records. Dixon finds the record he’s looking for. It’s Julian’s smoking gun. Dixon takes Red’s immunity deal, proving the existence of the task force.

Photo from the episode "Mr. Kaplan"

Photo from the episode “Mr. Kaplan”

Thankfully, the FBI got to Dixon in time to prevent the immunity deal ending up in the wrong hands. But, Dixon realizes that there’s no way he’s going to prison. He knows what he had in his possession, and the Department of Justice can’t let him talk. Leave it to Raymond Reddington to have a plan. He just has to give Dixon something enticing enough to help lead them to Mr. Kaplan.

Red has something that he thinks is worth a fortune to someone like Dixon. He goes to see Katarina’s father and digs something up that was buried in his basement. Red takes a box to Dixon and says that it contains everything that he could ever need to live a life off the grid. Dixon goes through with their plan and sets the meeting with Mr. Kaplan. Since she didn’t know that he was captured, she believes that he’s going to deliver the immunity agreement directly to her. Of course, Reddington isn’t about to let that happen. He also isn’t about to let his fail safe plan into this guy’s hands. Dixon ends up with a bullet in him before the day is over.

Photo from the episode "Mr. Kaplan"

Photo from the episode “Mr. Kaplan”

Red goes to the meeting point alone and meets with Kaplan. He offers her the box. Inside, he says there’s information to a private island equipped with everything you could ever want. Kaplan could go there and live out the rest of her life on this island with all the amenities she could ever imagine. But, all Kaplan sees is a prison. If she goes to this island, she can never return. She decides to ignore Red’s proposal, and Julian comes out of the woodworks at the meet. Red is able to get away, but Kaplan stays behind to give Julian a deal that he won’t want to refuse.

Julian has always been frustrated that the FBI so willingly gave a career criminal, the world’s most wanted man, Raymond Reddington, an immunity deal. Julian doesn’t understand how they could look past everything that Red’s done for his help getting to other criminals. Well it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, Julian. Mr. Kaplan gives Julian the same offer. She says that she will testify in open court against Raymond Reddington in exchange for full immunity.

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Now that we’re coming to the end, it’s clear that Mr. Kaplan won’t be gracing our screens for much longer. But how will she go? If Julian takes this deal, won’t he just be doing what the task force did for Reddington? After all this, it will be interesting to see if Julian sees Ressler in a different light. The next hour of the season finale promises to finally answer the question of why Red entered Liz’s life in the first place. Is Red Liz’s father?
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