Aegislash, Blastoise, and Other Favorites Join Pokken Tournament DX This Spring

Nintendo has revealed continued support for Pokken Tournament during their Nintendo Direct. Pokken Tournament DX will feature 2 new battle characters and a variety of support characters.  Pokken Tournament DX Battle Pack content will be releasing in 2 waves the first one releasing will be playable Aegislash coming with support Pokemon Mega Rayquasa and Mimikyu. Second wave coming with none other then Blastoise coming with support characters Mew and Celebi.

The additional content will also supply new character avatar items for further customization. The Battle Pack can be purchased on the E-shop today and wave 1 will be releasing January 31st featuring Aegislash and Wave 2 will be releasing March 23rd featuring Blastoise.



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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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