Frostpunk ‘Serenity’ Release Date Trailer

From the makers of the harrowing, oft-depressing survival game, This War of Mine (11-Bit Studios), comes Frostpunk. Frostpunk is a city-survival game where the bitter cold which encompasses the city is only matched by the justice or injustice in which you will mete out to keep the city alive. This War of Mine forced tough decisions on the player, and it seems that Frostpunk only ups the ante. This War of Mine had us managing (or attempting to manage in my case) a smaller group of four survivors, but Frostpunk pushes that further and has you managing both the inhabitants and the infrastructure.

This War of Mine was a game that really snuck up on you. Anytime a game flips the perspective from a galloping power fantasy to being the person on the other side of the fantasizing, it really emphasizes the impact and emotion. 11-Bit Studios did that exceptionally well. While we will go into Frostpunk with some idea of what may entail, the genre and setting are perfect for the cold decisions, which will surely arise in a steam-powered, frozen city. Frostpunk is set to release on April 24 on PC.

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