Horizon Wins Big! Guerrilla Games Wins Best Technology Award

Over at the 2018 Game Developer Conference (GDC), Guerrilla Games was awarded with the Best Technology Award. The award recognizes the overall excellence of technology in a game, including graphics programming, artificial intelligence, networking and physics.

Horizon: Zero Dawn uses the Decima Engine, which will be featured in Kojima’s highly anticipated title Death Stranding. Horizon: Zero Dawn also won seven awards at the NAVGTR (National Academy of Video Game Trade) in the following categories:

  • Original Dramatic Score, New IP
  • Innovation in Game Technology
  • Graphics, Technical
  • Game, Original Action
  • Game Engineering
  • Game Design, New IP
  • Animation, Technical

Horizon: Zero Dawn definitely left its mark in the gaming industry with its brilliant tech and gameplay. If you haven’t played Horizon: Zero Dawn, I recommend you go pick up a copy to experience Guerrilla Games’ Technical Master Piece in action.

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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