Iron Spider Suit Revealed for Spider-Man PS4

Insomniac and Marvel have just revealed the second pre-order suit for Spider-Man PS4. It comes with no surprise that the Iron Spider from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be coming to Spider-Man. Tied-in with the Avengers: Infinity War players who pre-order will get this suit as a early unlock in the game.

No word yet on exactly what the suit can do but Insomniac Games has hinted at every suit having its own unique abilities and powers. Check out the teaser above and Spider-Man PS4 launches on September 7th don’t forget to pre-order to start with this suit early!

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

Hey guys! I’m Jose the second half of Dual Pixels and co-host of DPR. I enjoy fighters more than any other genre because I grew up playing them when I was a wee-lad. Looking forward to the future of gaming and more Spider-Man! Come on Sony you can do it.