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Publisher Playdius and Game Developers Oudidon bring Brakes Are For Losers (BAFL) to the Switch and how does it rank compared to other games in the same price range. Brakes Are For Losers (BAFL) is definitely true to its name to win you have to speed. It does  well in a party full of people as everyone will be trying to hit and block your path to victory. BAFL comes with a with a few modes, Championship Mode it is like grand prix you race 10 courses and get points to become first. Custom match which you can select your tracks and different variables affecting the course and power ups. Last but not least Time Attack mode with absolutely no brakes.

During Championship mode players get the option to upgrade their racing mechanics and that includes adding more boost, handling, and the kicker is that their is a brake upgrade but the requires so much points earned to upgrade that it may not be worth it. As the game relies on the speed.



BAFL looks what you expect for the price point but it does indeed look very generic presentation wise, some of the courses do look OK when there is a lot of things happening like in one stage traffic is present and is going the opposite direction of you. Again the presentation is very obvious as the sound is not memorable, the only thing BAFL has going is that it can make a fun party game with the mechanics of vehicles not stopping.

Portability is nice for this smaller title but i don’t see it going very far with it since this definitely requires a party setting for it to be competent as BAFL allows 8 player support.   If your looking for a Party game BAFL will definitely fit the bill and at a cheap price of $4.99 but if your playing solo their might be other titles which are more appealing.

*Review Copy was provided by Playdius, BAFL is Also Available on PC.

Editor's Rating

For the price it can be a decent party game but Brakes Are For Losers(BAFL) doesn't offer much and you may find another title in the same range that can give you more if your just playing alone.
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