NBA Playgrounds 2 Soars This Summer

NBA Playgrounds is making its way back this summer with NBA Playgrounds 2. Fixing up the issues we got from the original playgrounds, Saber Interactive is looking to expand on online play as they saw many high action competitive play videos from around the world.

NBA Playgrounds 2 will now feature a Online Championship Mode to see how you truly rank against the community. Co-op will also have a online league in Online Championship Mode and you and buddy can also rank up and acquire new skills. With more focus on online play with Playgrounds 2, Saber Interactive has indeed confirmed that we will be getting dedicated servers for matchmaking and responsive gameplay. And to round it all off Saber has been listening to community feedback and has included 4-player online games where each player can be a human player or AI the choice is yours.

With single player being a big focus to Saber Interactive this time around, they have created a new Season Mode. In this mode you take your team through the season, then the playoffs, and finally the NBA Championship with special players to collect depending on the team your using. For all NBA collectors there are now over 200 player cards to unlock featuring past and present players in the league.

While the gameplay gets a upgrade lets not forget about the graphics Saber Interactive has also added many new animations including facial animations. The new double alley oops that you can perform  show off exactly what they been cooking with the more varied animations this time around. New original music has also been recorded specifically for NBA Playgrounds 2. NBA Playgrounds 2 will be launch this Summer on Playstation 4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One. Check out the debut trailer above to check out the high flying action!

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