Gameplay Trailer Revealed for Rage 2

For a game that no one was asking for, Rage 2 looks surprisingly great in its latest gameplay trailer.

id Software and Avalanche Studios are teaming up to a sequel of a more under-the-radar sequel to a game from way back in 2011. Rage never set the world on fire, but it was competent in its own right and lauded for its combat and visuals. While the id Tech 5 was in its infancy at the time, it was never able to fully utilize the power of the engine, until now, that is.

The game clearly draws inspiration from two games: Borderlands, for its zany combat and enemies, and Mad Max, which was Avalanche’s premiere 2015 title. The amalgamation of id Software’s shooting and Avalanche’s open-world travel should be a perfect pairing for a game we never knew we needed. Look for more information on Rage 2 at Bethesda’s showcase during E3 on June 10.

Rage 2 is set to release in 2019, presumably on Xbox One/X, PS4 and PC.

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