Three Things We Can’t Wait to See at EA Play and Two We Hope to See

EA Play begins at 11 AM PDT and is sure to kick off E3 festivities with a bang. While they do have a large sports slate that has the potential to bore some viewers, they have more than enough to make up for it. At EA Play we will be seeing new details for Anthem, Battlefield V and much more. There are some sly rumors out there that Skate 4 has the potential to make an appearance, and we are hoping to see what they’ve been doing with the Star Wars license outside of the Battlefront Series. Here are three things we are excited to see and two hopefuls:

1. Gameplay for Anthem

Anthem has that look and feel of being EA’s answer to Destiny. I only hope it doesn’t follow too far into the latter’s footsteps and that EA has learned from its massive mishaps with Battlefront 2. This is certainly one of those “once bitten, twice shy” types of deals, but I am hopeful the gameplay delivers with minimal use of micro transactions.The little gameplay we’ve seen was a bit too early/scripted to really convey what the game has to offer.

2. Multiplayer hands-on of Battlefield V

It’s safe to say that the “reveal” of Battlefield V just recently was a bit lackluster. The hype, admittedly fan-generated, wasn’t nearly matched upon BF5’s reveal. Perhaps, it was quite the contrary. It provides too many open-ended questions with no room for answers. The fan base is decidedly split when it comes to the franchise moving ahead to WW2, but the technological advances leading up to WW2 should provide a more fresh experience than Battlefield 1 allowed.

3. Story mode continuing on for sports franchises? And, making its way to NHL?

The Journey and Longshot were surprisingly fun in FIfa and Madden respectively. It would be shocking if they didn’t return, especially since they were lauded as being good to great upon release. More importantly, personally, is NHL going to receive the same treatment? EA’s NHL franchise is historically behind the two major frontrunner in Fifa and Madden. Year after year, NHL players look at what could be, but sadly isn’t on the ice. Is this the year NHL closes the gap?

4. Details on Respawns Star Wars title

It seems impossible to get a deep story rich Star Wars title off the ground, but is Respawn’s unnamed Star Wars title the answer? After the demise of Star Wars 1313, it really is our only hope for a Star Wars game not named Battlefront on the horizon. Respawn absolutely nailed it with TitanFall 1 and 2, so the hopes are high for a Star Wars game that shouldn’t be chock full of microtransactions.

5. Skate 4 reveal?

It’s a big ask, but we can dream…right? It seems like there is some kind of rumof of EA jumping back into the Skate franchise, and year-after-year we are left wanting. But, while it is still a full rumor, there is a little more to tell this year. The Skate 3 servers were mysteriously kicked back to life and players are flocking to the game. A cruel joke? Or, is this a sign that Skate 4 is coming?

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