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E3 2018: Session Trailer

Everyone has been pining for Skate 4, and it looks like Crea-ture Studios is here to quench our thirst with Session. Session is a sim-like skating game where each foot of your character is matched to the coinciding thumb stick. In their Kickstarter video from 2017, the devs explain that their entire goal is to make the feeling of skateboarding top-notch. No superfluous add-ons. The core focus is admirable since the Skate games felt sublime, and Session appears to be following suite with more tactile mechanics.

Since Session did begin as a Kickstarted project. You can access their Kickster here:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/100195109/session-skateboarding-simulation-game-by-crea-ture .

Also, you can download an extremely early test of the game that introduces the controls and lets you mess around in a skate park. 

Session will be out in 2019 and is a console exclusive to Xbox One but will also be available on PC.

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