MUSYNX – Nintendo Switch Review

MUSYNX wastes no time. From the word “go” you are dropped into the music selection screen to begin your beat-matching journey. You are taken to the first song in the selection screen with an option for the shop, to switch to Hard mode, or to switch to 6 key mode instead of playing on the default 4 key. There are no extra modes, there is not multiplayer, and there are very little other settings to adjust or change. It’s you against an onslaught of notes.


The music selection in a rhythm game is do-or-die. And the music selection in MUSYNX is pretty good, but I do have some issues with it. Superbeat XONiC had an impressive variety of the songs in terms of genre. There would be bubblegum pop right next to some hip-hop, rock, or some deep jungle. While MUSYNX does have some variety, its genre net is not nearly as wide. Which is fine. It would have been great to have more genres and sub-genres represented, but what is here is fantastic. Plus with  over 50 songs at launch, it does offer some variety in that regard.


My biggest issue with MUSYNX is the presentation. While it’s fantastic that the game gets right to the point, it is in desperate need for some quality-of-life improvements. First is the song selection wheel. There is no option to sort the songs in any order except for what is available. You can’t skip ahead songs except for holding the left or right buttons. As of now, the songs are sorted by themes and the highway the songs use. Which brings me to my second issue, the note highways.

While it’s great there are a variety of backgrounds, I find a few are nearly unplayable to me. I’ve found that I stick with two groups of songs that use specific highways because they are the easiest to ready. It’s kinda funny that the two joke songs have a highway made up of toilet paper and turds, but after trying to play one song on it, I won’t go back. I’d love to be able to easily select what the backgrounds look like when playing songs. Sure the songs would have “less personality,” but what’s there is pretty minimal anyway.


MUSYNX, at its core, is a fantastic rhythm game. The songs are toe-tapping bops that are a blast to playthrough. However, the game does have several obvious shortcomings that could be easily been fixed or added. What isn’t here is any sort of multiplayer. There is no way to compare ratings/sync rate with friends or any leaderboards. It is purely a single player experience. If you are looking for a fun and addictive rhythm to play at home or on the road, this is absolutely one to get.

MUSYNX is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. A review code was provided by actill.

Editor's Rating

While boasting an impressive array of songs, MUSYNX does have its fair share of issues such as song variety, UI, and a lack of options. For a quick burst of rhythm gaming, MUSYNX is perfect at home or on the go.
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