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San Diego Comic Con Signings Portal Open Now

The San Diego Comic Con signings portal is officially open! Once again, you must have a badge to attend Comic Con 2018 and can log in to the exclusives portal using your comic con member ID. According to the email release, Warner Bros., Fox, and DC Comics are all participating in the autograph portal.

Comic Con’s email release says to walk (don’t run!), but this is comic con after all. I ran to the portal, and lo and behold, it’s either not quite open or majorly struggling. While it shouldn’t matter when you sign up for the autographs lottery, I’m sure many fans are anxious to put their ticket in the hat. One of the biggest questions on fans minds has been how many signings you can add to your cart. According to Comic Con’s FAQ, “You may submit interest in as many exclusive signings as you wish, so long as they occur on the day(s) for which you are registered for a Comic-Con 2018 badge. You may only submit interest once in a given exclusive signing.”

The autograph portal is new this year for San Diego Comic Con, and once again, fans are having mixed reactions. I haven’t tried for autographs in years, so I for one am excited to have the opportunity to participate without the struggle of waiting in line for hours. The portal makes perfect business sense for comic con as well, since many fans will have more time to explore the convention. If I know me, that just means more time to spend money. Yes, good business sense for comic con, but convention goers should beware of the idle time.

According to comic con’s email, “The Exclusives Portal will close for submissions of interest at 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on July 12, 2018. There will be no onsite opportunities to participate in any of the exclusive signings. We encourage you to visit the Exclusives Portal well in advance of the deadline to submit your interest.” Email notifications will start going out on or around Friday, July 13th. There are no guarantees here, so good luck everyone!

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