SDCC 18: Marvel Gets Back into Card Games With Marvel Battle Lines

Nexon and Marvel debuted the very first trailer and gameplay footage of Marvel Battle Lines. Marvel Battle Lines is a strategic card game featuring hundreds of Marvel Heroes and Villains. Battle Lines is will release as a free -to-download game on the App store and Google Play, expect the usual in-game purchases so you can have the best customizable deck around.

Players can choose to play in the single player campaign or the PVP mode. Marvel Battle Lines will make it either for new players to get into the PVP modes as you get many competitive cards by playing the single player campaign. The campaign will also feature an original story from Marvel Writes Alex Irvine, he will also write original content for a vast majority of the daily challenges and events that go on in Marvel Battle Lines.

You can pre-register for Marvel Battle Lines for early access to the exclusive Doctor Strange Card and 5,000 in-game gold. Marvel Battle Lines has no current release date but you can expect Marvel Battle Lines to release later this year. Check out some of the cards and the first ever gameplay trailer of Marvel Battle Lines.

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